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A national survey shows how America’s marijuana use and perceptions of the substance have evolved in the past couple of decades. Read more

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Selling “drug paraphernalia” is illegal federally; what about in Wisconsin? Read more

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Fighting alone for cannabis reform since the beginning of his political career, Bernie Sanders has recently been joined by other champions of legal marijuana. Read more

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Sweeping judicial reform will emphasize expunging criminal records and helping disadvantaged communities in legalization’s wake. Read more

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Some favor decriminalization without legalization, while others want nothing short of legalized marijuana use nationally. Read more

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So long as cannabis is illegal federally, anyone can be in legal trouble, even in states where marijuana is legal. Read more

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What effects does cannabis actually have? Researchers can’t properly study the effects of cannabis in the U.S., so we cannot know for sure. Read more

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As cannabis legalization is being proposed in Wisconsin, it is time to debunk a few incorrect beliefs about the “devil’s lettuce.” Read more



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While antiquated regulations are stalling pharmaceutical research, the legalization of hemp and the rapid popularization of CBD products is drawing attention to the medical potential of the compound. Read more

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Legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin might bring in more than $140 million in taxes and save tens of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs. Read more

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Michiganders voted in the November 2018 election to legalize recreational marijuana. Under the new law, adults can possess, consume and grow weed in private. Read more

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A strong vote will let legislators know that their constituents are serious and want Wisconsin to move into the 21st century. Read more

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The STATES Act would not only revive our Founding Fathers’ view of how states should manage their own affairs but also remind us that individualism, populism and personal liberty still matter. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Board voted in favor of a referendum for the November 6 ballot; this will allow county voters to weigh-in on legalizing cannabis for adults. Read more

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Wisconsin has fallen behind other states in revising antiquated laws that turn minor possession of marijuana into a felony. In Milwaukee County, those laws seem to be enforced more stringently against African American males. Read more

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The War on Drugs began in the 1930s when the director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics launched a scare campaign equating pot with heroin and convinced Congress to outlaw marijuana. Martin Torgoff’s Bop Apocalypse: Jazz, Race, The Beats, ... Read more


The Shepherd has long advocated for a sensible, compassionate drug policy that includes legal medical marijuana for those seeking relief from a serious medical or behavioral health condition. Read more

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Wavves distance themselves from the Nirvana- and Weezer-esque alt-rock of Afraid of Heights on their new album V. Read more

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Two Milwaukee aldermen, Ashanti Hamilton and Nik Kovac, propose to decriminalize small-scale marijuana possession as a way to reduce Milwaukee’s racial disparities. Read more

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Everybody goes a little basketball crazy during the NCAA tournament, but some of the talk around basketball in Milwaukee these days sounds more like pure lunacy. Read more

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