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Milwaukee Short Film Festival returns to the historic neighborhood cinema and offers a chance to do what festivals do best—gather together people with common interests for thought-provoking experiences in a convivial setting. more


Cyberchump’s After sounds great alongside early recordings by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, suggesting eeriness, rainy days, foreboding, splinters of memory and fragments of hope. more

Album Reviews

Three Milwaukee bands and one New York act team up for a bill celebrating synth-heavy ’80s new wave. more

Local Music

Milwaukee’s Xposed 4Heads urge resistance to mindless rhetoric and social pressure on their new album, Urgency Squad. more

Local Music

Decades after their prankish beginnings, Xposed 4Heads haven’t lost their sense of humor. more

Local Music

Conceptually speaking, many people draw a lot of stark lines when it comes to music, separating genres and marking distinctions between electronic and acoustic more

Local Music

 Milwaukee’sMark G.E. has been a musician and a cable TV host, but with “Soul Chamber” heshines under his third hat, filmmaker. A short film in color-tinted black andwhite, “Soul Chamber” is an almost silent movie with intertitl.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The '80s were a special time when alternative music was really alternative. A quirky documentary of that often quirky era, They Came From Underground, excerpts band concerts and interviews from a Kansas City cable show called "Joy Farm" produce.. more

I Hate Hollywood

In 1970, British playwright Michael Frayn was watching a production of a farce he had written about a dinner party in which two actors played all the roles. He was watching from the wings. Realizing that the comedy was funnier from this per... more

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