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Director Todd Haynes adapts a true story of legal action against DuPont for poisoning a West Virginia town. Read more

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In ‘Dark Waters,’ Mark Ruffalo’s Oscar-worthy portrayal of a corporate attorney quietly shatters the notion that we should place our trust in government oversight. Read more

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What's to like about the most popular movie in this and every other universe? Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Allthe President’s Men set a high bar for that long-standing Hollywood genre—the newsroom film depicting courageous reporters uncovering the dirt. Spotlight , this year’s Oscar winnerfor Best Picture and Best Original Screenpla.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Spotlight successfully revives that old Hollywood theme of courageous reporters bringing down a corrupt Goliath with the slingshots of facts exposed. Based on a true story, Spotlight should not be mistaken for a documentary on the pedophile... Read more

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The Avengers regroup to save the world from Ultron, a destructive artificial intelligence. Read more

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One thousand years in the future, humanity has abandoned earth and now resides somewhere beyond our solar system. The Legendary Ranger, Cypher Raige (Will Smith), is training his undisciplined teenage son Kitai Read more

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Ken Thomson opens It Would be Easier on an impressionistic note with “Kleine Helmet,” a driftwood melody gently drawn by chamber-like ensemble playing. But the bass clarinetist/alto saxophonist/band leader travels through many moods on the ... Read more

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The island rises like a prehistoric behemoth from the fog of Boston harbor, a rocky Alcatraz set in cold, swirling tides and accessible only by a choppy ferry ride. Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is confined to that rock, a steeply pitche... Read more

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With avian flu and AIDS in the background, the idea of startling new contagions has been in the air among horror writers, literary authors and screenwriters. The novel by Portugese Novel Prize winner Jose Saramago, Blindness, concerns an apparnel.. Read more

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Re digital TV: I bought 2 converters using government coupons a month ago. City Lights ,Letters Read more

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