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As artistic director Jeff Frank says, “We are very excited to have Girls in the Boat premiere at First Stage. The play was written specifically with the teens in our Young Company in mind.” more

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In October, the world’s most comprehensive concussion study received a new infusion of $22.5 million to continue its work examining the impact of head injuries on student athletes. That’s huge news for the Medical College of Wisconsin. more

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A Marquette University student-run business program has created a new way to buy local while holiday shopping. more


The Nation’s sports editor comes to town to talk race and social activism, while residents and police in Harambee come together for a listening circle. more

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Most of us have relished the cool, fruity goodness of a frozen pop on a sweaty summer day, but Pete Cooney of Pete’s Pops knows people enjoy cool confections year-round. more


Marquette stages a well-balanced, well-paced musical adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. more


NextGen America, a progressive nonprofit political action committee, has been ramping up its efforts to get young people to the polls, working on more than 25 college campuses across Wisconsin. more

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Election season is starting to heat up, with multiple voter registration events happening throughout Milwaukee. more

Saving Our Democracy

Imagine thousands of new educated, engaged and networked voters in Milwaukee unified around a collective agenda for systems change. more

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Brookings Institute recently released a case study focused on Milwaukee's 150 water-related technology companies. It found that the practice of clustering high-value industries in one place was a factor in promoting growth in regional economies. more

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Companies with one or more LGBTQ persons in senior leadership roles perform significantly better in a number of categories. more

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A new survey found that nearly 60% of nonprofits surveyed in Milwaukee are not participating in lobbying or voter registration efforts across the community. more

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Here’s a question we never expected to be asking in 2018: Could Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker be a secret Russian agent? more

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Kyana Young, a postdoctoral fellow at Marquette University, began working in the Global Water Center in 2016. She’s the Shepherd Express’ Hero of the Week. more

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, designed to prevent housing discrimination. But in the city of Milwaukee, much more work needs to be done to successfully integrate its neighborhoods. more

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Marquette stages a production of an early 17th century historical drama which was half-written by Shakespeare. more


With President Donald Trump’s aggressive anti-immigrant rhetoric, the travel ban and heated talk in Washington, D.C., about tariffs and possible immigration restrictions for students—particularly from China—international student administrators in ... more

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Among this week’s performing arts openings are Doubt: A Parable at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Pericles, Prince of Tyre at Marquette University, Secrets from the Wide Sky at Danceworks, and a concert and masterclass by organist Jon Gillock at the ... more

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Ruthie advises a reader looking for a new job on LGBTQ networking events. more

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It is a bit of an outlier on the list of Green Bay Packers home fields, but for one mediocre season the Packers played half of their home games at Marquette Stadium at North 36th Street and Clybourn Avenue. more

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