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Kyana Young, a postdoctoral fellow at Marquette University, began working in the Global Water Center in 2016. She’s the Shepherd Express’ Hero of the Week. more

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, designed to prevent housing discrimination. But in the city of Milwaukee, much more work needs to be done to successfully integrate its neighborhoods. more

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Marquette stages a production of an early 17th century historical drama which was half-written by Shakespeare. more


With President Donald Trump’s aggressive anti-immigrant rhetoric, the travel ban and heated talk in Washington, D.C., about tariffs and possible immigration restrictions for students—particularly from China—international student administrators in ... more

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Among this week’s performing arts openings are Doubt: A Parable at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Pericles, Prince of Tyre at Marquette University, Secrets from the Wide Sky at Danceworks, and a concert and masterclass by organist Jon Gillock at the ... more

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Ruthie advises a reader looking for a new job on LGBTQ networking events. more

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It is a bit of an outlier on the list of Green Bay Packers home fields, but for one mediocre season the Packers played half of their home games at Marquette Stadium at North 36th Street and Clybourn Avenue. more

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Read Saving Our Democracy for the week of Feb. 15-21, 2018, the Shepherd Express’ clearinghouse for social justice and political activism in the Greater Milwaukee Area. more

Saving Our Democracy

The Shepherd Express Spring Arts Guide 2018 features interviews with six arts professionals who received training in Milwaukee. more

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Local sports fans should be excited for Back Yard to Big Leagues: Milwaukee’s Sports and Recreation History, the just-opened exhibit at the Milwaukee County Historical Society more

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Winners in the Higher Education category for Best of Milwaukee 2017 including subcategories like Best Music Program, Best College for Students 35+, Best Nursing School and more. more

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Marquette University marketing professor Felicia Miller can’t help feeling a little puzzled when thinking about some of the recent forays into brick-and-mortar retail she has seen in the Milwaukee area. more

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Can Wisconsin’s political leaders muster the will to work together to reform the state’s expensive and ineffective prison system? more

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What can you do to get involved in political and social justice causes in and around Milwaukee? more

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Three exhibitions opening at Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art on Oct. 6 reaffirm the institution’s commitment to staging socially conscious, conversation-inducing exhibitions. more

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Progress has been made in LGBTQ rights at Marquette University. more


Marina WalkerGuevara, the deputy director of the International Consortium ofInvestigative Journalists, will speak at the Marquette Alumni Memorial Ballroom(1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.) on Tuesday, Sept. 19 as a part of the Burleigh MediaEthi.. more

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Recently, Milwaukee has developed a 21st-century industrial identity as the “Water Capital of the World," almost overnight becoming a go-to destination for companies and countries that want to solve their water problems. more

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A collection of Peter Max’s paintings will be displayed in Gallery 505 this month that features some of his most famous works, such as Statue of Liberty, his “Flag" pieces, Umbrella Man and Cosmic Runner. more

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The Milwaukee Rep brings McGuire, starring Anthony Crivello in the title role of Marquette basketball coach Al McGuire, back to the Stackner Cabaret for a limited engagement. more

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