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Miss Katie’s is a diner the way diners used to be, lived in and with no pretenses. Read more

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“The judges make the decisions that fill the prisons.” Read more

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Members of the theater community from all over the worldwill gather together on Saturday, Nov. 12 to participate in the MilwaukeeTheater Summit at Marquette University’s Helfaer Theatre (525 N 13th St.)The event, which was co-planned by.. Read more

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Roughly 70,000 older Milwaukee homes have pipes that could be contaminating residents’ drinking water with lead and need to be replaced. But at about $3,000 per home, who will pay for the more than $500 million needed to fix the problem? Read more

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Here's a track you knew was going to be funky as shit before you even pressed play. AUTOMatic rapper A.P.R.I.M.E. has teamed with Milwaukee electro-boogie enthusiasts The Sounds of Time (Kid Millions and Sage Schwarm) for his latest single under h.. Read more

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Interim Justice Rebecca Bradley didn’t disclose all of her writings and political affiliations in her three applications for three judicial positions—all of which she received from Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Read more

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The vitriol Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and candidate Rebecca Bradley spewed as a college student at Marquette University in the early ’90s against LGBTQ and pro-abortion persons, along with her writings and track record since that time... Read more

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OneWisconsin Now has done us all a huge service by digging up the college writingsof Rebecca Bradley, temporarily on the state Supreme Court and seeking a full 10-yearterm. Yesterday,OWN revealed that Bradley, then known as Rebecca Grassl, h.. Read more

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Rebecca Bradley’s radical anti-gay writings prove that she doesn’t deserve to sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Read more

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Ivy: quiet. intelligent.Bean: rebellious. rambunctious. Both girls are in the second grade. Both are characters suburban characters from the popular series of children’s books by Annie Barrows. The first book was published over ten years a.. Read more


Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette University Law School poll, found Walker’s statewide job approval had dropped to 41% with 56% of voters disapproving. It was the governor’s lowest approval rating since Franklin began polling in J... Read more

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Fresh from his debut on “David Letterman,” Waukesha comedian Johnny Beehner talks about the logistics of being a full-time comic. Read more

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Less than a decade after graduating, Carolyn Kieger has returned to her alma mater to take the reins of the women’s basketball team. Read more

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Winners in the Higher Education category for Best of Milwaukee 2014. Read more

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Right now, the 7thCircuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago is hearing oralarguments about whether the John Doe investigation into alleged illegalcoordination between Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Club for Growth (andother organizations) .. Read more

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Showing thatWisconsinites’ attitudes toward Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challengerMary Burke have hardened, the new Marquette University poll shows Burke leadingWalker 48.6% to 46.5% among likely voters, but Walker leading Burke among .. Read more

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This can’t be good news forGov. Scott Walker. The just-released MarquetteUniversity Law School poll shows him neck and neck with his likely Democraticchallenger, Mary Burke. Among registered voters, he leads by 1%, 46%-45%.Among likely voter.. Read more

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In a recent Journal Sentinel series, journalist Craig Gilbert has documented what we’ve all known intuitively: Southeastern Wisconsin is plagued by intense political polarization fed by highly Read more

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In yet another stunning example of his arrogance and disregard for the common good, Gov. Scott Walker has asked for unprecedented authority to sell off taxpayer-funded, publicly owned property without public Read more

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