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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Faces Places, The Outer Limits: Season One, Pastor Paul, Frank Serpico. more

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Tony Saitta (Stuart Whitman) is a Canadian Dirty Harry has a death wish when it comes to finding her killer in Shadows in an Empty Room. more

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Actor Dan Stevens isn’t the only link between “Downtown Abbey” and Summer in February. The setting is similar: England, 1913, where the young and wealthy could afford to break some rules. Stevens plays best friend to painter Alfred Munni... more

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Daunting international tension has been the subject of several movies in which the president of the United States had to bite the bullet to avoid nuclear war. Among the most notable are Fail Safe (1964) with Henry Fonda; World War III (1982... more

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2001: A Space Odyssey and "Space: 1999" were close in fictional as well as actual chronology. The ‘70s show, set on a lunar colony suffering from a mysterious malady, opens with scenes visually inspired by Kubrick’s film. Season one of “Space: .. more

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Starting with his Bela Lugosi role in Ed Wood, Martin Landau has been turning up in interesting non-Hollywood films. In the gradually engrossing Harrison Montgomery (out on DVD), he plays the title character—an old eccentric limping around his .. more

I Hate Hollywood

The Charles Allis Art Museum’s latest exhibit presents Natalie Settles' meditative graphite and watercolor artwork, which shifts in style between 19th-century designs and the sparseness of modern art. Settles hails from Madison but exhibits... more

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