Mary Kelly

T.I.M.(The Improvised Musical) celebrates its three year anniversary this month. In local theater years that’s like . . . 30years or something like that. The popular long-form musical improv show iseasily one of the most impressive extemporaneo.. Read more


Localcomedy groups are like local bands. There are new groups popping up all thetime. Go to a show of an entirely new band and you’re likely to see a lot ofpeople you’ve seen in... other bands.Anew improv group has sprung out of people who are.. Read more


The Milwaukee Admirals take on the Grand Rapids Griffins tonight at a 5 p.m. game at the Bradley Center that will offer free Admirals boxers to the first 3,000 fans, and the opportunity for fans to hit the ice afterward for open-rink skatin... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

There are fewer high-profile elections in the spring, and therefore fewer people turn out for these nonpartisan elections, but they are still important. So we urge voters to go to the polls on Tuesday, April 6, to voice their opinions on is... Read more

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