Mary Sussman

Mary Sussman is a freelance writer who specializes in science and medical writing. She is a frequent contributor to the Shepherd Express. Her articles and blogs have been published in the Isthmus, Bay View Compass, Riverwest Currents, Oregonian, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Inside Science (American Institute of Physics) and the website of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. She has written on antibiotic resistance, epigenetics, astrophysics, urban agriculture, bees, educational gaming, violence prevention, technology and many other subjects. She received a M.A. in journalism with a specialty in science communication from UW-Madison.

Mary enjoys the rich and varied cultural offerings, people, parks and climate of Milwaukee, as well as the changeable beauty of Lake Michigan.


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Minnesota greatly outpaces Wisconsin in clean energy production; a new report from the Environmental Law & Policy Center says that our state is much more dependent on burning fossil fuels than our western neighbor. Read more

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Immunization rates are spotty in Milwaukee, and health officials are encouraging all parents to get their children’s vaccinations up to date. Read more

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Here is data from the 2018-’19 school year. Read more

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Milwaukee’s City-County Joint Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity is only one facet of growing efforts in Wisconsin to go solar. Read more

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Building on existing strengths, the UW System proposes a collaborative with 10 major goals for Wisconsin water-related studies. Read more

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Lead poisoning in Milwaukee children has the city revamping their testing and action protocol. Read more

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Practitioners of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity can all agree protecting the environment is in tune with faith. Read more

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The rights of nature movement is gaining steam. Across the country, communities and tribal nations are signing on to it. Read more

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The Shepherd Express interviews six local leaders regarding their plans for Earth Day and the future. Read more

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While antiquated regulations are stalling pharmaceutical research, the legalization of hemp and the rapid popularization of CBD products is drawing attention to the medical potential of the compound. Read more

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A 2018 national climate change assessment notes that, in the Great Lakes region, lake surface temperatures are increasing, ice cover is declining and seasonal stratification of temperatures in the lakes is occurring earlier in the year. What can be d Read more

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As January ended, Milwaukee—along with a huge swath of the country—plunged into the deep freeze, the result of Arctic air breaking out into the mid-latitudes in North America. Read more

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Fossil fuels are both environmentally unsafe and more expensive than renewable energies. It is time for Wisconsin to take measures to bring about change in its energy production sector. Read more

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If successes similar to the Menomonee Valley project are realized in the Harbor District and 30th Street Industrial Corridor, Milwaukee could see more environmental, economic and community improvement through public and private investment. Read more

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The increasing popularity in the Milwaukee area of urban wood for building material is a homegrown success story. Read more

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In response to the Chinese ban of purchasing foreign recyclables, Great Britain plans to eliminate avoidable waste within 25 years. Read more

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Rick Meyers, the City of Milwaukee’s sanitation services manager, fielded many questions from people on a recent Doors Open Milwaukee tour about recycling guidelines. Here are some of them. Read more

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Besides protecting the environment by saving energy, slowing climate change and reducing pollution, recycling saves money. Read more

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Efforts are underway to expend solar energy use in Wisconsin, but existing governmental policies often hamper that expansion. Read more

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According to Peter Murphy of MREA, Wisconsin has a lot to gain from solar-friendly policies in place in other states. Read more