Mass Incarceration


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The current system of criminal rehabilitation in Wisconsin is costing taxpayers in excess of $1 billion every year and making it difficult for people to stay out of jail once they leave. Read more

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People in both Wisconsin and Oklahoma have expressed strong support for reform and decarceration, but it seems Wisconsin’s political structures have become less responsive to the will of the people. Read more

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CloseMSDF organized a protest in front of the Milwaukee State Office Building Tuesday morning, where many Department of Corrections community supervision officials work. Read more

Happening Now


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We spoke with Milwaukee 53206 executive producer CarolAnne Dolan about what led her production company to Milwaukee and the impact campaign they are running to make a change. Read more


“The judges make the decisions that fill the prisons.” Read more

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Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan’s Public Safety Committee has come up with a handy list of really bad ideas everyone should be working together to root out instead of perpetuating. Read more

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The faith-based social justice organization WISDOM and its allies are supporting prisoners at Waupun and Fox Lake correctional institutions by attempting to donate bottled water to them following reports of unhealthy levels of lead and copp... Read more

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Progressives and conservatives agree that it’s time to end mass incarceration. Wisconsin leads the nation in incarcerating African American men and spends $1.2 billion per year. The faith-based group WISDOM has provided action items to redu... Read more

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