Masterpiece Theatre

Milwaukee’s public broadcasting stations respond to changing times and threatened budgets with ingenuity and courage. Read more

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<p> The Mitford sisters were upper class Englishwomen between the world wars, wealthy and well connectedsometimes with the wrong sort. Unity Mitford was a friend of Hitler and Diana married Oswald Moseley, the British fascist leader. Nancy, howev.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Beginning in the 1960s, high-end British television productions began finding an audience in the U.S. through the medium of “Masterpiece Theatre” and other PBS programs. Most of them were adapted from literary sources, whether acknowledged classi.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Alfred Hitchcock tapped a can’t-miss muse for his 1956 thriller The Man Who Knew To The Man Who Knew Too Much ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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