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Led Zeppelin’s classic albums never sounded this good. The latest reissues feature the original albums remastered by Jimmy Page and accompanied by a second disc, presenting an alternative version of those same LPs, usually through alternate... Read more

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Milwaukee’s jazz scene received a shock in January when the owner of The Jazz Estate (2423 N. Murray Ave.) announced that he was selling the venerable establishment. The East Side club has been home to internationally recognized jazz musici... Read more

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It's not too often we get good news about the local jazz scene to report, but this week the scene breathed a rare sigh of relief when it was revealed that the Jazz Estate will be staying put. Co-owner Brian Sanders put the bar on the market last f.. Read more

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An affinity for night is a large part of both the public and private persona of musician Sam Llanas... Read more

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The $20 million film production of The Tempest that was released by Miramax/Touchstone pictures earlier this month my not make it to Milwaukee cinemas any time soon. It’s already been released elsewhere. Despite a huge budget very slick special e.. Read more


World dominance is ours! Or so said much of last week’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Team USA led in medals entering the final days, but with no Dreaded Red Empire to vanquish, so what? Our NHL guys beating Canada’s NHL guys is nice, bu... Read more

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Is it an insult to makers of improvised music to say that their work sounds composed? Appleton improv cellist Matt Turner joins Michigan vocalist Peg Carrothers and her husband, Bill, on piano for 12 reworked songs by America's first great ... Read more

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