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This Green Bay Packers-centric play shows a family’s relationship in the wake of the mother’s death, when the time comes to decide who will inherit the parents’ season tickets. Read more



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This week, Matt Zembrowski’s latest creation, Dad’s Season Tickets, receives its world premiere in Fish Creek’s Northern Sky Theater. Read more

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THEATER ‘Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook!’ Playwright Allison Gregory adapted Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook! from a popular book series by Barbara Park. Gregory recently reflected on her work,Performing Arts Weekly Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Recently it has been announces that local actress/playwright/dramatist Liz Shipe is writing a new play for Theater RED. Bonny Anne Bonny is  based on the life of pirate Anne Bonny. From the press release, “ In this fictional tale of her li.. Read more

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Sunset Playhouse performs Neil Simon’s enduring comedy, Plaza Suite. Read more


Sunset Playhouse performs Neil Simon’s enduring comedy, Plaza Suite. Read more


Neil Simon’s 1968 comedy Plaza Suite  is a fun, little three-course sitcom. Three different shorts take place in Suite 719 of New York’s Plaza Hotel. A wedded couple revisits what had been their honeymoon suite. A movie producer meets with an old .. Read more


The character of Cinderella, where humility becomes nobility and the downtrodden rise, may be as old as storytelling. Possibly, every major culture has its Cinderella story. Writer/director Robin Mello cleverly explores the history of the c... Read more


  It's a fun name for a show, but it's just another way of saying Matt Zembrowski will be leading a casual concert performance variety show at Soulstice Theatre this coming weekend. The man who so recently played Bing Crosby for the Holidays in.. Read more


Nestled in its little corner of Door County, Bjorklunden feels like a section of Baileys Harbor that is caught beyond time. There's a strange quality to the air that seems more authentic and less touristy than the rest of the Lower Peninsul... Read more


  Where as many theatre companies that operate during the regular season take a long nap for the summer, there are those that remain active for a show or two. Soulstice Theatre has been one of those local theater groups that has always had a sh.. Read more


The team that brought the world the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show returns to Soulstice this month for another evening of Full Frontal Puppetry. This months doubtlessly offbeat variety show comes with puppets and special guest Matt Zembrow.. Read more


In making out my personal schedule of shows for the coming month, I find local stages awash in holiday cheer. In and amidst shows that are returning from perevious seasons, there are a few shows that only sound like they’re returning from prev.. Read more


There’s something about Elm Grove in Winter that kind of feels like north eastern Wisconsin. There’s just a little bit more open space than there is in Milwaukee. There’s just a little bit more room between the buildings. Thursday night there wa.. Read more


I tend to think of Guys amd Dolls as a staggeringly uneven musical. Some of the songs are awful. Some are timeless classics. Some of the story is appallingly bad. Some of it is brilliantly written. When the machinery of any production is fit arou.. Read more


In Tandem Theatre opens its 13th season with a murder-suspense comedy set in the art world. Joe DiPietro’s Art of Murder crosses drama and suspense with complex satire on the nature of contemporary art, and stars Steven Koehler as Read more

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For many who have tasted the exhilaration of a Milwaukee summer, social gatherings and drinking go hand in hand. On the financial end, with such an abundance of taverns, restaurants, brewpubs, and jazz and lakefront festivals for patrons to... Read more

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For 4adults, you will need: 3 wholechicken breasts, halved (6 pieces total), with the skin on and bones andcartilage removed ,Just Cook It Read more


One of the oddest entities to make a name in the expansive jam scene, Buckethead is a masked performer with a bucket on his head. He also claims to have been raised by chickens. His difficult and dense progressive metal riffs have earned th... Read more

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­The waltz was once as pervasive as rap is today, and took unexpected turns as it penetrated the world far from the salons of Vienna. In Venezuela the waltz mutated into joropo, a relentlessly up-tempo genre played on string instruments. Ma... Read more

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