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A self-described “poppy, fun rock ‘n’ roll band,” Sugar Stems will release their second album, Can’t Wait, at a Dec. 21 show at the Cactus Club. They hope it won’t be their last day on earth. Read more

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The icecap is melting under the polar bears’ feet. The bees that pollinate the plants are disappearing and the bats that eat the bugs are dwindling. Enormous hurricanes have wreaked havoc on seacoasts and brush fires threaten cities. War and rumo.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Everything we thought we knew turned out wrong. Just a few years ago we knew a black man would never become President in our lifetime, that Wall Street was impregnable and Alan Greenspan infallible and, say what you want about those Republicans.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Singer-songwriter Amos Lee specializes in soulful folk music, yet his last few albums have been released on the seminal jazz label Blue Note Records, introducing the young guitarist to a novel niche audienc,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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   Between Boulevard Theatre's staging of The Constant Wife as a theater rehears The Constant Wife ,Theater Read more


After three great albums of fully realized garage-punk, Sweden’s self-aggrandizing The Black and White Album ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Even Hollywood is getting in on the act. Director Roland Emmerich, whose preposterous disaster flick The DayAfter Tomorrow set back the cause of stopping climate change by making it seem ridiculous, has made a movie called 2012 based on the Mayan.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood