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Cris Kirkwood talks about the ups and downs of his long-running band, and beams about the group’s latest member: Elmo Kirkwood. more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly culture chat with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild and I, we're discussing conflicting visions for the city. Matt recently attended a MilMag Live! panel discussion that once again hi.. more

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A busy week brings Bryan Cranston, Brand New, Widespread Panic and Tegan and Sara through town. more

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When Nirvana crossed over into big mainstream success with Nevermind, Kurt Cobain admirably used his fame as a way to spread the gospel about the underground bands who influenced him, deflecting so,Concert Reviews more

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For someone who remembers all the details, Curt Kirkwood is a terrible historian of the band he fronts. He knows the facts (the Meat Puppets have been meat-puppeting since 1980) but puts no weight on the context. And there is a lot of conte... more

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With more than a little help from fervent supporter Kurt Cobain, ’80s underground rock luminaries Meat Puppets scored a major-label deal and eventually a minor alternative hit (“Backwater”) in the early ’90s. Reunited after a coupl more

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Though it was somewhat overshadowed by new albums by fellow '80s underground rock luminaries Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, the Meat Puppets released an excellent late-period album last year, Sewn Together, which in its fusion of psychedelia and r.. more

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Just in time for the holiday’s, after 15 years apart Milwaukee’s familiar girl group Three Smart Girls have reunited for a two-night performances of jazz and pop standards (and more than a few h,Today in Milwaukee more

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