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A 2018 report estimated that 340 young adults and children in Milwaukee were victims of sex trafficking from 2013 to 2016. Read more

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In October, the world’s most comprehensive concussion study received a new infusion of $22.5 million to continue its work examining the impact of head injuries on student athletes. That’s huge news for the Medical College of Wisconsin. Read more

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Wisconsin falls behind other states in benefits for working parents seeking childcare. Read more

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Recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of HIV, PrEP can lower the rate of infection by nearly 90%, but, while PrEP awareness is well established on the coasts, it is significantly lower in the Midwest—especially among racial minorities. Read more

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A Smartphone app recently developed through collaboration between Medical College of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital and the UWM App Brewery Lab will help speed patient diagnoses in medical emergencies. Read more

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There’s not a lot of information about the overall state of health amongst the LGBT community in the U.S. On Tuesday, Oct. 11, which is National Coming Out Day, perhaps it’s time to come out as if your health depended on it, because ultimat... Read more


The winners of the Shepherd Express’ 2016 LGBT Progress Awards are: Karen Gotzler, Jeff Kelly, Joseph R. Pabst, Ruthie Keester, Saturday Softball Beer League, Bob Schmidt and Si Smits. Read more

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Recent victories in gay rights make the events depicted in the stage drama Bent that much more chilling. The fact that Nazi Germany had a hierarchy of undesirables at all is disturbing enough. Gays were evidently at the bottom of that list...c.. Read more


Michael York earned cult status from his lead role in Logan’s Run, but the Shakespearean trained actor was already on the A List for Cabaret and other productions before Logan's release. An Oscar-winning 1976 science-fiction film, Logan’s Run was .. Read more

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The life of a piece of stage clothing is a largely thankless one. It's there onstage for a brief period of time, often getting completely ignored in a world of sets, lighting and actors. Then it gets stored away in a wardrobe room somewhere and .. Read more


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Ken Ludwig’s comedy Leading Ladies is fun. It’s a vintage farce written not to long ago about a couple of actors who wind up having to dress in drag to make some money via an elderly woman on her death bed and a will . . . the show recently had .. Read more


An inventive singer-songwriter named Peter Case wrote a great line: “We were too young not to know better.”That came to mind recently as many of the supposedly responsible grown-ups at Marquette University were making fools of themselves wh... Read more

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The steam punk, almost Charles Fort world of floating islands near the stratosphere, robots that fall to earth and great, complicated flying machines is the setting for Castle in the Sky. The animated film by Oscar-winning director Hayao Miyazak.. Read more

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When the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeonswas founded in 1893, and the Milwaukee Medical College in the late-1890s, newmedical students were armed with a valuable piece of information: Only twodecades earlier Louis Pasteur and Ro... Read more

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This Friday, Perple Rain will be bringingPrince’s Minneapolissound to the Northern Prince ,Local Music Read more

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Anne Hochisa pioneer in the field of women’s sports medicine. In addition to beingan associate professor of orthopedic surgery and physical medicine andrehabilitation, she is al,Off the Cuff Read more

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We hear it all the time, especiallyaround the start of each new year: Many What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,Cover Story Read more

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