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Illinois’ recreational marijuana sales since legalization have lead to a supply-and-demand problem for the time being. Read more

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This month’s state elections in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia are worth noting for people who care about marijuana reform. Read more

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Bert Alonso is just three months into his new venture, but he knows he’s in good company: “We have a great group of CBD entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee area.” Read more

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Alberta Darling’s political extremism is doing a disservice to the state and, specifically, her own constituents in the evolving Eighth Senate District she’s represented for more than 25 years. Read more

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Legal medical marijuana is an objective of the current state administration, so let’s debunk some widespread myths about it. Read more

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Last fall, the voters of Wisconsin overwhelmingly supported the legalization of marijuana. Sign this petition from the Wisconsin Justice Initiative to urge Gov. Tony Evers to lead Wisconsin forward on this important issue. Read more



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Medical marijuana has been a resounding success in Illinois, and the state’s new governor wants quick and total legalization of recreational cannabis. Read more

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The door is open to the legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin with two major votes: 18 advisory referenda and the gubernatorial election, both on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Read more

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The STATES Act would not only revive our Founding Fathers’ view of how states should manage their own affairs but also remind us that individualism, populism and personal liberty still matter. Read more

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Doctor-recommended cannabis should be available as a medical option for those patients fighting debilitating diseases, according to State Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Chris Taylor. Read more

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Wisconsin has fallen behind other states in revising antiquated laws that turn minor possession of marijuana into a felony. In Milwaukee County, those laws seem to be enforced more stringently against African American males. Read more

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The Shepherd has long advocated for a sensible, compassionate drug policy that includes legal medical marijuana for those seeking relief from a serious medical or behavioral health condition. Read more

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Although the City of Milwaukee seems to be moving toward a more permissive view of personal marijuana use, state law hasn’t changed. Read more

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Everybody goes a little basketball crazy during the NCAA tournament, but some of the talk around basketball in Milwaukee these days sounds more like pure lunacy. Read more

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In line near midday on a Friday are a guy with a backpack, a suit on a cell phone, three chatty coeds and a middle-aged couple with a camera Read more


Progress! Thecannabis oil bill, which could help the Shepherd’s cover girl, Lydia Schaeffer, with her seizures, willget a hearing in the state Assembly at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12.This is huge. The Assembly versionof the bill, official.. Read more


Sally Schaeffer’s daughter, Lydia, suffers from two rare seizure disorders that prevent her from sleeping, thriving and living the life of an ordinary 6-year-old girl Read more


Whether it is the impeached Bill Clinton leaving office with solid approval ratings or the once-disgraced Eliot Spitzer now surging in New York City electoral polls, there is ample evidence that America forgives public figures for their tra... Read more


For centuries, hemp was grown on American soil. The viable, adaptable crop was essential to the growth of industry. Thomas Jefferson endorsed it, declaring, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection Read more


 Some time ago I was on the bus heading out to a show at Next Act when I ran into local actor Rick Pendzich. He was on his way to a show at the Broadway Theatre. We got to talking. He told me about working with Skylight Music Theatre on their Ki.. Read more