Dr. Steven Koenig, a corneal specialist, of Froedtert & the Medical College ofWisconsin has been voted 'Best Doctors of America' since 1996. Dr. Koenig istrusted by many doctors themselves and their families for his clinicaljudgment, unbiased m.. Read more

Happening Now

Winners in the Medical category for Best of Milwaukee 2014. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2014

Recent medical breakthroughs have increased the life expectancy and quality of life for patients with HIV and AIDS, but the epidemic is far from over. New HIV infections in Wisconsin are up 19% this year, and those patients... Read more

Issue of the Week

It was inevitable that after Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan spent five days cozying up to Mitt Romney... Read more

Taking Liberties 5 Comments

How wonderful when ways can be found to get the under-appreciated art of poetry across to the general public. In past years, poems have appeared among the ads that ran along the insides of buses. And now, poems have been put on permanent di... Read more