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The director of The Producers won’t be entirely amused by the new biography by Milwaukee film historian Patrick McGilligan. Read more

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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Blue Desert, Under Capricorn, Hamlet, Sid Caesar: The Works. Read more

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Although she earned a solidreputation in theater and worked in 52 films, several hits among them, AnneBancroft stands out in many minds for one role in particular. In The Graduate (1967), she played Mrs. Robinson, the sexy and.. Read more

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Recent Blu-ray and DVD releases include the Italian sex comedy-drama La Seduzione, a Hannah Arendt documentary, the lost German classic Variete and Emmy-winning performances by Harvey Korman on “The Carol Burnett Show." Read more

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 TheDirector Within: Storytellers of Stage and Screen is a record of conversationsbetween author Rose Eichenbaum and some 35 film, theater and televisiondirectors. She also takes their pictures. The beautifully produced bo.. Read more

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As it had been a couple of decades since I’d seen Young Frankenstein,I decided to sit down and watch it just a couple of hors before going to see the musical. According to Mel Brooks, the entire idea for the original film was Milwaukee native .. Read more


Some of the most exotic creatures on Earth are found not on land but in the sea. The visually stunning IMAX documentary Under The Sea travels to the Great Barrier Reef, South Australia, and the Coral Triangle islands to film some of Read more

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Most of Mel Brooks’ most beloved movies were released not so long ago in a lavish nine-disc Blu-ray box set, complete with hardcover book. Brooks fans on modest budgets will be happy to learn that several of those films have been issued as indiv.. Read more

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There is much to be admired about Europe. Fine French cheeses, Bavarian sausages and refreshing Belgian ales, for example. Then again, we have all those things right here in Wisconsin, and we also don',Left and Right Read more

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"Regardless of sex, color of skin, occupation or wealth, we are all the same when we get to bare bones," says artist Antonio Martorell. Humanity displayed in its bare bones deftly describes Martorell's work, on vi,Art Read more

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On Nov. 4, Michigan became the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana when 63% of its voters approved a grassroots-supported ballot initiative. Now, a quarter of all Americans live in a medical marijuana state. Read more


Would you believe they finally got around to making “Get Smart” into a movie? Would you believe they tried it once before? Well, scarcely anyone remembers The Nude Bomb (1980), starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, the bumbling spy struggling.. Read more

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Moe Prageris no stranger to cold cases. You might even say the former NYPDofficer and pr A Fine and Fertile Land ,Books Read more


The funny thing about "The Mel Brooks Collection" is missing, his hilarious debut film, The Producers (1968). Naturally, the nine-disc Blu-ray collection is full of funny moments, almost too many to count, from Brooks' brilliant satire of greed s.. Read more

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