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Psychiatric labels pose the risk the client will be treated as a diagnosis first and as a person second, psychotherapist Philip Chard explains. Read more

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Using his experience working with human trafficking victims, social worker Ernesto Atkinson started his own practice to help people heal through art. Read more



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Psychotherapist Philip Chard talks about the importance of a secret place in one’s psyche where one can be free to explore oneself. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard

In salving emotional wounds, immersing one’s senses in healing experiences can prove particularly effective, psychotherapist Philip Chard explains. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard

Today’s children lack the open-ended, play-in-the-sandbox experience of previous generations. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard

Mental health is directly related to physical health, as psychotherapist Philip Chard explains. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard


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Milwaukeean Reggie Bonds returned from Los Angeles with a new perspective on life and a pared-down sound. Read more

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On the Couch gives mental health advice on how to tackle winter blues. Read more

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“I think that a lot of managing depression and anxiety is just learning to remind ourselves that the hurt is finite.” Read more

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The Shepherd Express’ guest mental health professional offers advice for dealing with the holiday season and its sometimes unpleasant interactions with friends and relations. Read more

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State auditors provided a rare independent, detailed look at the operations and oversight of the county’s behavioral health services and raised critical issues. Read more

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The early medical intervention advocated by former Congressman Patrick Kennedy is contrary to how we currently treat mental health or substance use disorders. Now, we wait until someone has entered “stage 4” of their illness, then wonder... Read more

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“If this is what an officer did during a role play, what are they like on the street?” wondered Mary Neubauer, who was injured during a crisis intervention training session in West Allis. Read more

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CountyExecutive Chris Abele tried to delay this as much as possible, but Health andHuman Services Director Hector Colon’s bid for reappointment was rejected 3-2in yesterday’s Health and Human Needs Committee meeting. It goes to the fullboard o.. Read more

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Milwaukee County, John Chisholm, district attorney, John Doe, Lincoln Hills, Verona Swanigan, criminal justice, mental health, car jackings, campaign finance, domestic violence, Sojourner Truth, Dallas shooting, racial disparities, crime, W... Read more

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No one can be surprised anymore by the sheer contempt Sheriff David Clarke publicly expresses toward the human beings under his supervision housed in the Milwaukee County Jail. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Mental Health Board had intended to decide this summer on outsourcing the county’s psychiatric hospital this summer. But that decision’s been delayed—and that’s a good thing, according to the board’s chair, Duncan Shrou... Read more

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Thanks to a $2 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Milwaukee County will be implementing strategies to provide support to those with a mental illness to keep them out of jail. Read more

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The Dayna Clay Band will headline Linneman’s (1001 E. LocustSt.) April 25 Poet’s Monday . Theevent will benefit RAINN, the nationslargest anti-sexual assault organization, and The Kennedy Forum/One Mind, a mentalhealth nonprofit. Door.. Read more

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