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Psychotherapist Philip Chard explains that we all are susceptible to erupt in rage and do things we regret; mental illness is not the sole predictor of gun violence. Read more

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Is the current occupant of the White House nuts? Read On the Couch and find out what the shrink thinks! Read more

On the Couch

“Time jumps around so much that it’s hard to remember exactly what happened,” Brian Wilson confesses in his memoir. I Am Brian Wilson isn’t a chronicle but a patchwork of memories covering childhood through stardom with The Beach Boys, d... Read more


In The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women, Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff has recreated a mesmerizing and intimate portrait of a famous family and the daughter who inspired the creation of the Special Olympics... Read more


It was 50 years ago now that Bob Dylan warned everybody the battle raging outside would “soon shake your windows and rattle your walls for the times they are Read more

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The Grand Avenue Club (GAC) strives to provide adults affected by mental illness with a variety of opportunities to build community and engage in productive educational and work experiences. Painter Colleen Shoop-Kassner Read more

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Greendale Community Theatre delves into modern suburban middle-class drama as it presents the contemporary musical Next To Normal. Under the direction of Brian Bzdawka, the cast renders a very believable family dynamic. Read more


Grand Avenue Club (GAC) opened its doors in December 1991 as a public-private sponsored nonprofit to give motivated, eager-to-work people who happen to be suffering from mental illnesses a community-oriented place Read more


Troubled Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane yesterday celebrated his recent release from a mental institution by getting one of the ugliest face tattoos possible, a bright, giant triple-scoop ice cream cone that shoots lightening bolts. In happier times, t.. Read more

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One of the last controversial plays of the 20th century, Terrence McNally’s Corpus Christi aroused a great deal of anger from people who probably don’t generally attend that much theatre. The play is a re-telling of the story of Jesus Christ set.. Read more


Therewere many questions last fall regarding the fact that there was noMilwaukee Interna Shepherd Express ,Expresso Read more


Comingoff of two devastating elections, where the Republicans lost control ofboth houses of Congress and the presidency, the factions within theconservative movement se,Expresso Read more

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The strength of Shakespeare comes from the evocative power of his language and his profound insight into human nature. One sign of that strength is the survival of his work, not only in elite settings but in popular culture. Another is the abilit.. Read more

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Mental illness in general and schizophrenia in particular are tricky things to capture onstage. Over the years I’ve talked to number of people with schizophrenia, both in my personal life and in activities involved in the pursuit of my BA in psych.. Read more


In the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre,the deadliest one-man shooting rampage in U.S. history, Seung-Hui Chokilled 32 people with guns he purchased from licensed dealers. Underfederal law, Cho should have been forbidden to purchase firearms since... Read more

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  JeanineBasinger brings a fresh new level of dedication to classic film in herfasc The Star ,Books Read more


American society is accustomed to—and quite adept at ignoring—white boys singing of inner pain. Mostly we dismiss their angsty lyrics as hyperbole at best, bad poetry at worst, confident that although a few tortured singers may actually pull the .. Read more

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Marion Cotillard was “speechless,” she insisted, while hugging her Best Actress Oscar (La Vie en Rose) and giving thank you after thank you. I was even more speechless. The French star of a subtitled film about Edith Piaf (“I didn’t even know who.. Read more

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Richard Strauss’ Salome is one of the world's great operas, combiningthe last remna Salome ,A&E Feature Read more

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I read with great interest Lisa Kaiser’s article “A Field of Dreams: Competing Meeting People Is Easy ,Letters Read more

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