Daniel Jasperson says that his show is about you, but don’t trust him. He was trained by a con artist. If the show really was about you, there would be no reason to go to the show in the first place. Just stay at home and update your Faceb.. more



Mentalists and magicians can be exceptionally annoying. In an age of information, we’re not necessarily impressed when people do things that we don’t understand. Ages ago it was impressive, but somewhere along the line, we all started carrying the.. more


The UWM Union Art Gallery showcases some of the Peck School of the Arts best and brightest in its latest exhibition, “Crossing Over,” a showcase of works by students who received scholarships and fellowship awards this year. It’s one of more

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Rand Paul, tea party flavor of the month, is said to be avoiding "overexposure." Senior Republican Party operatives, worried by the Kentucky Senate nominee's all-too-revealing remarks after his primary victory, have urged him not to grant a... more

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Yeah, boo-hoo. And numero uno on that platter is the anticipation of our green Green Bay P Guys on Ice ,Art for Art's Sake more

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Four folk and country icons team up for what promises to be a very informal collaborative Guys on Ice ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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