Lindsay Erickson’s successful company, GetHappy, offers chocolates and candies, for all events and occasions with supreme customizability. Read more


Milwaukee Area Technical College represented an innovative approach to education when it opened a century ago and remains vital for training workers in the metro area today. Read more

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It’s impossible not to sense the history of Mequon’s Range Line Inn even before pulling into the parking lot. Here, portions are reasonable, not huge, and entrees are bolstered by salad or soup du jour and choice of potato. Read more

Dining Out

In Acacia Theatre Company’s current production of I Do! I Do!, we are once again reminded that, regardless of the gender match ups, relationships are complex, partners change over time and if love prevails throughout then little else matter... Read more


On Saturday, July 9, the Frank L. Weyenberg Library in Mequon will hold a gala reception and meet-and-greet with artist Elisha Ben-Yitzhak in its Tolzman Community Room from 3-5:30 p.m. Read more

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Martin Phillips

The clarinetplays a decisive role in the history of jazz and American improvised music. Inthe context of early New Orleans jazz, the function of the clarinet was tocontribute an ornamental obbligato that filled space left open by the cor.. Read more

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Just 15 minutes north of Downtown Milwaukee, Ozaukee County includes Belgium, Cedarburg, Fredonia, Grafton, Port Washington, Saukville, Bayside, Newburg, Thiensville and Mequon—with most just a brief walk, bike ride (thanks to the 30-mile I... Read more

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The LowlandsGroup announced that it will open its new Café Hollander location in Mequon at5900 W. Mequon Road on May 20. This will mark the seventh restaurant opened byLowlands Group since 2006. The grandopening weekend will include a t.. Read more

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Thiensville may not be as showy as Mequon or as full of fests as neighboring Cedarburg, but it is  a town deserving of a shout-out. For one thing, there is Stardust Records & Collectibles. For vinyl-philes, this is a must-stop collector's paradise.. Read more

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Whatis it about a country road? These lonely highway markers beckon to me like noother. You can get lost on them for hours – and discover obscure unincorporatedtowns, unvisited county parks, or simply pleasant scenery. My faithfulcompanion, AJ.. Read more

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Apple farmers knew they were in for a difficult year this spring, when an unusually warm, almost summerlike March tricked trees into flowering early, only to have their buds killed by frosty nights in April and May... Read more

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Farming has been part of the Badger State since before it was a state. With Wisconsin Farm Lore, prolific Milwaukee author, gentleman farmer and Shepherd Express contributor Martin Hintz compiles... Read more


Next Chapter Bookshop welcomes Iraq War veteran Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds, on Friday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. The Yellow Birds is a breathtaking account of friendship and loss told... Read more


Wednesday Dilemmas: Live @ the Lakefront… River Rhythms… Wonderful Wednesdays in Lake Park... B&D flipped the proverbial coin and headed to the new Hart Park Rotary Performance Pavilion in Wauwatosa. Featured at the Tosa Tonight... Read more

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Imagine yourself as a character in a movie produced and directed by you, a movie set to music of your choosing and a cast of supporting actors selected to support your imaginings. You are Alice, “The Star,” wearing white while being washed.... Read more


One of the area’s most popular and reliable Mexican restaurants, Jalapeño Loco, is adding a second location. The original restaurant opened in the mid-1990s at a small place in Cudahy; a few years later owners Hugo and Janet Saynes moved to... Read more

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Bassnectar is a collaborative project headed by San Francisco DJ Lorin Ashton, who fuses all forms of electronic music (with a particular emphasis on drum ’n’ bass and breakbeat) into one ever-changing wall of sound. Tonight Ashton brings Read more

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Following past plays about Dracula and Jack the Ripper, the Alchemist Theatre continues its tradition of October horror shows based on late 19th century villains this week as it opens a brand new play about Herman Mudgett, aka Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Neil Haven’s The Playdaters is a refreshingly unique show that mixes drama with comedy and commercial elements with experimental aesthetics. Spencer (playwright Haven) and Erwin (Jeremiah Munsey) play a game in which they challenge each oth... Read more


I'm way late, but the UW men's team beat the UW-Green Bay Phoenix early in the week. Senior Joe Krabbenhoft led the Badgers with 15 points - a career high. He also had five rebounds, a block and a steal. Full story here.Marquette met Tennessee in .. Read more

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