Michael Coleman

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The clarinetplays a decisive role in the history of jazz and American improvised music. Inthe context of early New Orleans jazz, the function of the clarinet was tocontribute an ornamental obbligato that filled space left open by the cor.. Read more

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An update from the true believers at the Save Our Bucks campaign, which is encouraging the beleaguered Milwaukee basketball team to call the season for what it is in hopes of securing a choice draft pick. The group's billboard went up on I-43 toda.. Read more

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Food should taste good but much of what's produced on factory farms is all fat and no flavorexcept for the salt and sugar added in compensation. The documentary Ingredients (out on DVD) focuses on the thought that organic (or at least more natu.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

One of the area’s most popular and reliable Mexican restaurants, Jalapeño Loco, is adding a second location. The original restaurant opened in the mid-1990s at a small place in Cudahy; a few years later owners Hugo and Janet Saynes moved to... Read more

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He was largely relegated to the background of the debate over the future of the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), but state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers made headlines last week by announcing he’d withhold an estimated $175... Read more

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Michael Coleman | Photo by David Herrell Editor’s Note: The photo of Michael The Gift of Traditional Martial Arts to the Modern World, ,Off the Cuff Read more

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