Michael Perry

The latest book by The New York Times bestselling author of The Jesus Cow, Wisconsin’s Michael Perry, is a meditation on humanity, rural life, fair-minded uncertainty and French philosopher-essayist Michel de Montaigne. Read more


<p> Werner Herzog earned his reputation in '70s art house, but lately the German director has focused most of his attention on documenting strange aspects of the real world. <em>Into the Abyss</em> (out on DVD) investigates the senseless triple .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Keeping chickens in cities is not a new phenomenon. It was only recently, though, that Milwaukee legalized the right for urbanites to keep chickens in their backyards, joining a growing trend of urban areas allowing residents to raise fowl ... Read more


Teenage angst sure was a lot more adorable in the 1980s than it would become in the 1990s, and perhaps nobody captured it better than director John Hughes, who passed away this summer. Arguably his signature film, the 1985 melodrama The Bre... Read more

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