Michelle Williams

All The Money in the World

Fabio Lovino

Christopher Plummer deserves a Special Oscar for Best Last Minute Fill-in Performance for replacing Kevin Spacey as John Paul Getty, the world’s richest man in the ’70s, in All the Money in the World. Read more

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The FootlightsPerforming Arts Awards recently announced plans to divide each of the 16award categories into two groups: professional and non-professional due to alarge number of nominations and votes. “The main objective of the awards .. Read more

Happening Now

Plenty of touring musicals are swinging through Milwaukee this year, but it's unlikely any of them will feature a more unlikely cast than the revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar . The latest version of the 40-year-.. Read more

Happening Now

Blue Valentine garnered loads of buzz over the battle for its rating. Somehow, despite frontal nudity and graphic sex, its handlers managed to win an R instead of the dreaded NC-17. It must be said that the naked parts of Blue Valentine are... Read more

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Railing against the uniform blandness of American society, for his exhibit “Freak Parade” at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum of Art, Thomas Woodruff, chair of the illustration and cartooning department at New York’s School of Visual Ar Read more

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