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Camp X-Ray A Harry Potter book draws Amy (Kristen Stewart), an MP at Guantanamo, into a conversation with a detainee, Ali (Peyman Moaadi). Funny thing: Amy is the one who never read Harry Pot,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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A promising 17-year-old classical musician, Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz), endures a terrible automobile accident involving her entire family. As she lies in a coma, Mia sees the disappointing outcome of her romance with Read more

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 TheAmerican Film Institute has long organized forums for filmmakers to discusstheir work. The results occasionally find their way to print. Edited by GeorgeStevens, Jr. and out now in paperback, Conversationsat the America.. Read more

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With a smile that casts deep shadows and a courtly Old World demeanor barely masking the madness in his eyes, Bela Lugosi plays a country doctor with dark secrets in this 1940 low-budget horror picture (out on Blu-ray). In a laboratory stoc... Read more

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Sports, anyone? After more than a decade in business, the restaurant that first opened as Café Vecchio Mondo received a major makeover and transformed into a sports bar. The café’s menu had evolved over the years, but this time owner R Read more

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