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One of the Midwest jazz scene’s great innovators returns to Milwaukee with his latest ensemble. Read more

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Their influences may be familiar, but the Mike Benign Compulsion pack their latest album with surprises. Read more

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Although Allen Keller and Mike Benign bill Happiless as their debut album, both have long (but separate) résumés dating from such ’80s Milwaukee bands as Women’s Liberace and Blue In The Face. The melodic ambitions of ’60s pop rock undersco... Read more

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Oktoberfest, Ryan Adams, Jerry Seinfeld and more! Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

For rock songwriters, middle age is the topic less taken. Great novelists have long made the subject their own, but rock still perceives itself as a young person’s game—even if many of the bestselling touring acts haven’t seen the sunny sid... Read more

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Ex Fabula's Executive Director Megan McGhee leads a biographical storytelling workshop at the end of the month. As state in the announcement, the hands-on workshop will cover these topics:"•Finding your story: Why storytelling is important and.. Read more


If Eileen Worman's medical problems are somewhat unusual, the financial problems that followed have become altogether too familiar. A Milwaukee musician who played keyboards in several local bands in the '80s, Worman has endured three years... Read more

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For many East Side alt-rock hipsters of the late-1980s and early-’90s, the songs of Mike Benign were part of the soundtrack of their lives. Fronting bands such as Umbrella Man, Arms & Legs & Feet and Blue in the Face, Benign’s smart wordpla... Read more

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A one-time staple of the Milwaukee music scene who managed the city’s most successful acts from the ’90s including The Gufs, Citizen King and The Promise Ring, Jeff Castelaz has assembled a litany of big names in Milwaukee music past and present f.. Read more

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As the bassist and vocalist for the New Grass Revival in the ’70s and ’80s, John Cowan helped expand the scope of bluegrass music, playing heavier and flashier than the genre’s forefathers,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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