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Maroon 5, Ben Folds and Young The Giant compete for your concert-going dollar this week. more

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Despite a nightmarish, toxic relationship with his band mates and his label, Warner Bros., Mike Doughty reached a lot of people as the main songwriter and creative center of the '90s alt-rock outfit Soul Coughing, scoring a couple of minor.... more

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Mike Doughty has a love/hate relationship with his '90s alt-rock band Soul Coughing. On the one hand, the group gave him his first taste of fame, thanks to hits like “Super Bon Bon” and “Circles,” and laid the groundwork for t more

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<p> Milwaukee\'s spring concert calender was fleshed out considerably over the last week, with big announcements from several venues. Among the performers visiting the city in the coming months are rappers Tyga and Tech N9ne, dubstep star Nero, pa.. more

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Though countless bands have dissolvedsince this decade began, local alt-rockers 1956 have Tonight We Kiss ,Local Music more

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Of all the acts playing the Rock the Bells festival in Chicago tomorrow, I’m easily the most excited for Method Man and Redman’s shared set. To blow off some of anticipation, I was going to post a couple of fun Meth and Red music videos, until I g.. more

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Although Mike Doughty left his popular ’90s alternative band Soul Coughing in 2000, Golden Delicious ,Today in Milwaukee more

Today in Milwaukee

Mike Doughty had one main goal while creating Golden Delicious, his latest release. Golden Delicious ,Music Feature more

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