Mike Moustakas

The MLB offseason is only a week old, but Travis Shaw has already received some good news. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


Kirsten Schmitt

David Stearns and company deserve credit for everything they’ve accomplished on a below-average budget, but their options are going to be limited this winter. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle

Hernan Pérez’s offensive game hasn’t always lived up to the hype the Brewers have attached to it over the years, but he’s rewarded their patience over the last couple of months. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


Photo credit: @Brewers on Twitter

Over the span of a few days last week the Brewers became one of the MLB non-wavier trade deadline’s most active teams, acquiring reliever Joakim Soria from the White Sox on Thursday and third baseman Mike Moustakas from the Royals on Friday. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle