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Elected the first women president of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, Stephanie Bloomingdale has more than two decades of experience in labor as an organizer, negotiator, trainer and activist. Read more

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Wisconsin, like the rest of the country, needs to figure out how to incentivize people to stay rather than watch them leave for greener pastures in other states. Read more

Black, Blue and Rainbow

What’s a parent to do when an adult child “boomerangs” back into the familial nest? Read more

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Contrary to stereotypes, millennials are becoming an engaged generation concerned with community, society and political action. Read more

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Millennials have been branded as impatient, lazy, entitled and whiney ambassadors of #selfienation, but are now also the largest sector of the American workforce. We compare statistics of Millennials in the workforce with that of previous g... Read more

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Because there’s no better way to celebrate the unique character of your city than with a contest directly Xeroxed from another city’s, two Wisconsin municipalities have launched campaigns that might look mighty familiar to Milwaukeeans. “Artist su.. Read more

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According to the documentary It’s a Rockabilly World! by director Brent Huff (Chasing Beauty), another rockabilly revival has swept the world, fueled mainly by Millennials bored with the shoddy aesthetic of now and the pathetic state of con... Read more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of hot (and sometimes lukewarm) takes from Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild and I, we're digging into a new Public Policy Forum survey of Milwaukee millennials. The survey .. Read more

On Music

Ian Abston is the young president of NEWaukee. Off The Cuff asked him about the organization and its Young Professional Week, April 15-21. Read more

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Hard-edged satire mixes with lighter humor in Rich Orloff’s Big Boys. Next Act Theatre stages this comedic take on big business in the small, cozy space of the Tenth Street Theatre. Rick Rasmussen’s set makes the executive’s office seem Read more


Timothy White’s Catch a Fire will probably remain the classic Bob Marley biography, but that hasn’t prevented everyone who ever met the reggae artist from writing his or her own account. British music journalist Chris Salewicz interviewed M... Read more