Miller Caves


Photo credit: CJ Foeckler

There’s perhaps another club or two that can claim to be as dark and musty, but Sunday night John C. Reilly and his bluegrass band performed at the only venue in the city that boasts its own hous,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

The Pabst Theater Organization has a history of working with unexpected venues, but its latest is the most unorthodox yet. Prolific actor John C. Reilly will perform an evening of bluegrass (he's recorded albums for Jack White's Third Man Records).. Read more

On Music

Luke Chappelle should be a familiar face, if not necessarily name, toanybody who's regularly attended rock 'n' roll concerts over the pastfive years. He's one half of The Get Drunk DJs, the duo that spins dirtygarage-rock records between ro... Read more

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