Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum displays the schizophrenic relationship between American collectors and the work of French painter Bouguereau. Read more

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Urban farming, the Great Lakes and Wisconsin art and its artists are all topics that fill the frames and set the sculptor’s wheel in motion with upcoming Milwaukee-area art exhibits. Read more

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Photo credit: John Edmonds

“Family Pictures,” a special exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum featuring the works of nearly a dozen African American photographers, is of particular LGBTQ relevance for its inclusion of two queer artists: John Edmonds and Lyle Ashton Harris. Read more


Milwaukee County Parks, the economic case for public art, an interview with Milwaukee musician Peter Woods and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Academics from across North America will come to UW-Milwaukee to discuss feminism, while Pathfinders presents the state of youth homelessness. Read more

Saving Our Democracy 2 Comments

The Conservation Lab of the Milwaukee Art Museum works to conserve, restore and preserve works of art. Read more

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Exhibits opening this week include "The San Quentin Project" at the Milwaukee Art Museum and "Out of the Vault and New Acquisitions" at David Barnett Gallery. The Historic Third Ward Association will also present Gallery Night and Day this weekend. Read more

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By emphasizing the kinetics and interactivity of play over usual formal rhetoric, MAM’s “Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America” speaks up for a history that’s taken a beating. Read more

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The Shepherd Express interviews Milwaukee Art Museum’s former senior preparator, Joe Kavanaugh, about his experience with art exhibits at MAM. Read more

Off the Cuff

Several new exhibitions open this week, including ones at Tory Folliard Gallery, Gallery 224 and Hawthorn Contemporary. Read more

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Photo credit: Pat A. Robinson

Last week, representatives of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came to Milwaukee for an on-site inspection to determine if the city met its requirements for its 2020 National Convention. From what I’ve heard, they were impressed. Read more


Overview of the Fall Arts Guide, potential rise of all ages shows and venues, declining ridership of Milwaukee's mass transit and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Is it or isn’t it? Therein lies the question, and the mystery, surrounding a painting that’s been sitting in the vaults of the Milwaukee Art Museum for close to 80 years. Read more

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The Milwaukee Art Museum’s “Photographing Nature’s Cathedrals: Carleton E. Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge and H.H. Bennett” exhibits cutting-edge technology of the mid 19th century in a collection of breathtaking landscapes. Read more

A&E Feature

This week, we preview Forty Carats by the Village Playhouse and The Flesh Trade by The Alchemist Theatre. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

William Kentridge’s “More Sweetly Play the Dance” (through Aug. 19 at the Milwaukee Art Museum) combines filmmaking, drawing, animation and a soundtrack by Johannes Serekeho to create a buoyant, modern danse macabre. Read more

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Photo credit: Milwaukee County Parks' Facebook Page

It’s long been a truism that Milwaukee County residents love their historic parks. Nonetheless, continual defunding for three decades has left much of the county’s parks frayed and even derelict. Read more

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Ruthie answers a question from a reader concerned about a fellow volunteer throwing shade. Read more

Dear Ruthie

For over a century, movies have captured our imaginations, immersing us in the narratives of distant wars, the wild west, and political intrigue. And so it is with the works of Thomas Hart Benton. Inspired by Hollywood cinema and human nature.. Read more

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