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Several Brewers, including Jhoulys Chacin, Jesus Aguilar, Ryan Braun and Jeremy Jeffress, are on the cusp on major milestones in their careers. more

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The Milwaukee Brewers are now 16-29 in day games. Whether the issue is their sleep cycle, routine or simply bad luck, they need to figure out a way to reverse this trend quickly. more

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The Milwaukee Brewers’ schedule advantage over the Chicago Cubs appears poised to loom large over the season’s final months. more

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As a sports fan paying attention to all the blather about the Milwaukee Brewers facing baseball’s trade deadline, Our Town gets constantly hammered with the label “small market,” and gosh darn if I haven’t come down with a case of small market-itis. more

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The ’82 Brewers are generally regarded as the best club in franchise history – winners of 95 games and the AL Pennant, a team that finished just a few innings shy of a world title. How does that staff compare with Craig Counsell’s bunch? more

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Over the span of a few days last week the Brewers became one of the MLB non-wavier trade deadline’s most active teams, acquiring reliever Joakim Soria from the White Sox on Thursday and third baseman Mike Moustakas from the Royals on Friday. more

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It was the first multi-inning appearance for position players since 1979, when a battered Brewers club actually had more outs recorded by position players than their pitchers. more

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Michael Mountain is on quite an adventure; this Baltimore resident visited Miller Park as the third stop on a 30-city, 36-day road trip to visit every Major League Baseball stadium in the U.S. more

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Robin Yount's three All-Star appearances is the lowest for any Hall of Famer who debuted after the inception of the game. more

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The evidence supporting an MLB Home Run “Derby Jinx” of sorts is at best anecdotal and, to a point, largely can be explained away by other factors. Let’s hope Brewer Jesús Aguilar is not “jinxed.” more

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Odds are, no one who came to Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago was hoping or expecting to see Brewers catcher Erik Kratz pitch. more

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According to the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects list, which was inaugurated in 1990, the Brewers have had 50 different Top 100 Prospects over the past 28 years. more

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Acquiring Syndergaard would be a remarkably risky move given his recent history. more

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Freddy Peralta’s MLB star is rapidly ascending and if it keeps going at this pace it could create a challenging situation for the Brewers down the stretch. more

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Sogard’s inability to drive the ball this year leaves him without equal in team history. more

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Ruthie answers a question from a reader suffering verbal abuse from her partner when she drinks. more

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Two batters into Sunday's game against the Phillies, Chase Anderson was already in trouble. The situation, unfortunately, was not unusual. more

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The average MLB team has won about 37.5 road games per season since 2010. The Brewers have been worse than that in 32 of their 49 seasons. Here are some notable exceptions. more

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Two months into his first season in Milwaukee, Christian Yelich is already everything the Brewers could have hoped he would be and a little more. more

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Take a closer look at four potential call-up players currently in the minor leagues whom the Milwaukee Brewers might yet bring on board this season. more

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