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Ruthie answers a question from a reader suffering verbal abuse from her partner when she drinks. more

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Two batters into Sunday's game against the Phillies, Chase Anderson was already in trouble. The situation, unfortunately, was not unusual. more

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The average MLB team has won about 37.5 road games per season since 2010. The Brewers have been worse than that in 32 of their 49 seasons. Here are some notable exceptions. more

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Two months into his first season in Milwaukee, Christian Yelich is already everything the Brewers could have hoped he would be and a little more. more

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Take a closer look at four potential call-up players currently in the minor leagues whom the Milwaukee Brewers might yet bring on board this season. more

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Paul Masterson details some of the many LGBTQ-themed events and celebrations taking place during Pride Month. more



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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other sources recently compiled a statistical rating of 381 major U.S. metropolitan areas in order to identify the 20 drunkest cities in America. Incredibly, or maybe not, 10 of the nation’s 20 most ... more

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Cole Hamels, for his part, may be able to add some stability and credibility to the back of the Brewers’ rotation. more

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Freddy Peralta wasn’t even supposed to be in the majors on Sunday, but he made the most of the opportunity. more

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The Brewers and their NL Central counterparts got a favor from the schedule makers this season: Baseball’s interleague play rotation matched up the Central divisions on a year when only Cleveland appears positioned to contend on the AL side. more

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Draft sacrifices aside, however, the 2003 hot streak injected some life into an otherwise negligible Brewers season and proved that even bad teams can be fun sometimes. more

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Braun’s recent home runs moved March/April 2018 off of this list, but here are some of the worst prior months of his career and a look at how he rebounded. more

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On April 15, 1987, Juan Nieves pitched the only no-hitter in Brewers franchise history. If that feels like a long time ago, it’s because it was. more

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Braun needs five more runs batted in to become the 285th player in MLB history, the ninth active player and just the second Brewer with 1,000 in their careers. more

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Monday’s home opener against the Cardinals is their first of ten consecutive games against St. Louis and Chicago, the division’s other likely contenders for 2018 playoff berths. more

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In a big week for local music, the Milwaukee bands Slow Walker and Calliope release excellent new albums, and peers honor the late Peder Hedman. more

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The last time the Brewers were among the five best spring training teams was 2011, when they went on to win 96 regular season games and the National League Central. more

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If players are indeed less likely to pursue free agency after seeing what happened to some of their peers this winter, then the Brewers are one team that could see an opportunity to work on long-term extensions for some of their young contributors. more

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Among the first group of eleven cuts that the Brewers made late last week were some of the organization’s top prospects. Here’s a quick look at what we learned about them this spring. more

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As the Brewers continue to work with Braun on a possible move to first base there hasn’t been a lot of discussion about what that means for Thames, who does not have a clear opportunity to remain in the lineup if his defensive position is occupied. more

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