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The Brewers announced the Sunday, June 9 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates is completely sold out, including standing room only tickets. Read more

Milwaukee Brewers

As they enter the second full week of the minor league season a theme has already emerged for many of the Brewers’ top prospects: Growing pains. Read more

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2019 is just the third time in 51 years the Brewers have won at least eight of their first ten games. Read more

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We're in the heat of prediction season, and the Brewers are looking good this year! Read more

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The single biggest challenge for the Milwaukee Brewers this season will be the insanely difficult division they play in. Read more

Milwaukee Brewers

The biggest shift in this year's schedule is the continuing decline of Thursday games. Read more

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The early weeks of MLB spring training have not provided many new answers to the questions the Milwaukee Brewers brought with them to the 2018 NL Championship. Read more

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In recent years major league teams have taken major strides in recognizing that a healthy, well-rested player is often significantly more productive and valuable than a player who plays every single game. Read more

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Here are three players with some work to do in the weeks ahead. Read more

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The team will also be giving away Flo Rida-inspired sunglasses at their "Kickoff to Summer" concert. Read more

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Brewers hitters consistently overperformed versus the Reds in 2018. Will a revamped pitching lineup change that? Read more

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Winners in the Sports and Recreation category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Favorite Brewers Player, Best Golf Course, Best Best Public Park and more. Read more

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Steamer, a widely-respected prediction model used at FanGraphs, among other places, seems to think so. Read more

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The Milwaukee Brewers' recent one-year deal with Yasmani Grandal is interesting from a baseball economics perspective for a variety of reasons. Read more

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Over the weekend we talked to Stokes about his big year and his experience playing winter ball for the first time in a country marred by violence and unrest. Read more

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With a little over a month until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, the renovation of Maryvale Baseball Park is approaching its final stages, and the Brewers organization plans to open a developmental academy in the Dominican Republic. Read more

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As 2018 comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect on all that's happened in the city this year. Of all of the stories that we covered this year, here are the ten most read on Read more



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It’s not surprising that the Brewers would opt to sell low on Santana, a player who doesn’t particularly fit what they’re trying to do as an organization. Read more

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Acquiring reliever Alex Claudio wasn’t enough to make the 2018 Winter Meetings all that memorable or notable for the Brewers, but it’s an interesting transaction nonetheless. Read more

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While changing head coaches during the season is a relatively rare phenomenon for the Packers, midstream managerial swaps are significantly more common for the Brewers. Read more

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