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Plans for the proposed facility were sent back to committee Tuesday. Read more

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Electric scooters have returned to Milwaukee (via Lime so far) and are raising questions on their presence in the city. Read more

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The City of Milwaukee is sending a direct message to its citizens. Do not litter. Read more

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The city’s first comprehensive pedestrian plan outlines more than 20 recommendations for making Milwaukee safer. Read more

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“The longer this shutdown goes on, the greater the impact will be on populations of people that are really dependent on these federal programs to feed their families,” said Alderwoman Milele Coggs. Read more

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Additionally, the city is proposing a $25 million “developer-financed cash grant” for the company if they employ more than 1,300 employees at the site at a future date. Read more

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The Milwaukee Common Council voted Tuesday to override all of Mayor Tom Barrett’s five vetoes of the council’s amendments to the 2019 city budget. Read more

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After almost five hours of debate, the 2019 proposed City of Milwaukee budget was passed by the Common Council Tuesday. Read more

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A measure to increase pay for elected officials in Milwaukee—which would include members of the Common Council—was sent back to committee during a Monday council meeting. Read more

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The search for answers at the Milwaukee Health Department continues. Read more

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The City Flag Subcommittee will meet to discuss next steps Monday, Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. at City Hall. Read more

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$7.6 million will be used to remove lead and other hazards from homes. Read more

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The fight to create a new Inspector General position for the City of Milwaukee is over. Read more

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The 2019 City of Milwaukee proposed budget includes a 23% increase for the Police Department compared to the 2014 budget. Read more

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The City of Milwaukee is taking drastic measures to gain control over an issue that has dominated the headlines for months; the lead crisis. Read more

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Milwaukee has made strides to become a better city for pedestrians and cyclists, but low-income neighborhoods have largely been left behind. A number of community organizers and organizations are trying to change that. Read more

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The City of Milwaukee uses its police and prosecutors to generate money from some of its poorest residents. It seems a very small thing indeed use a share of that money to ensure that they are fairly represented in Milwaukee Municipal Court. Read more

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For same-sex couples the options for establishing a family are always more complicated and certainly much more expensive than for what Republicans call “traditional families.” Read more


Off the Cuff with Melissa Tashjian founder of Compost Crusader, an organization that collects organic waste from area schools, homes, businesses and organizations and transports it to composting sites. Read more

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The ACLU of Wisconsin’s report that the Milwaukee Police Department made more than 350,000 unjustified pedestrian and traffic stops between 2010 and 2017, comes at a time when Milwaukee’s police-community relations are being heavily scrutinized ... Read more

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