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Over the past five years the Traveling Beer Gardens have generated over $2.5 million in revenue. Profits from the Milwaukee County Parks beer gardens go back to the parks system, helping to fund future parks and trails projects throughout the county. Read more



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Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Rob Henken says his group’s series of reports should be viewed as a call to action, not a threat, to those who value Milwaukee County parks and other cultural assets. Read more

Issue of the Week

While pursuing revenue for the county, County Executive Chris Abele proposes the sale of county parks. Read more

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Analysis of the negative results of reducing Milwaukee County’s parklands. Read more

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People being poisoned by lead in their homes has recently gained widespread attention in Milwaukee. Lead toxicity is just one issue relating to what’s termed Environmental Justice. Read more

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A recent audit of operations, concessions and events at the Mitchell Park Domes reveals non-standard accounting and questionable management practices among all parties ostensibly in control of the facility. Read more

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A new twist has emerged regarding prospects for the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, more commonly known as the “Domes.” Could it be merged with the Milwaukee Public Museum? Read more

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Milwaukee County Parks, the economic case for public art, an interview with Milwaukee musician Peter Woods and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

An overview of this year's Holiday Arts Guide, the opening of the Hop, Backline Milwaukee and more. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Milwaukee County Parks is recognized nationally as a trail-blazing park system that extended the concept of a network of linked parks and parkways throughout a county, not just a city. Read more

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The future of the Mitchell Park Domes is at stake. The public has an opportunity to express its ideas and opinions about various county proposals on Tuesday, June 26 in the lobby of the Mitchell Park Domes. Read more

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The farmers market’s ouster from the Domes Annex will be addressed at the next Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Parks, Energy & Environment Committee meeting. Read more

Happening Now

Despite Milwaukee County’s long-standing Anti-Secrecy Policy, County Executive Chris Abele and his administrators often operate in the shadows; indeed, four county committees addressing parks issues, convened since 2016 by Abele or his ... Read more

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Despite its popularity, organizers of the Milwaukee’s Winter Farmers Market at the Mitchell Park Domes Annex were abruptly informed last month that the market’s lease would not be renewed at the domes annex. Read more

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On Saturday, April 21 beer lovers from across the state will gather at Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center for an afternoon of unlimited sampling from the area’s favorite craft breweries at Stein & Dine. Read more


Preserving waterways and woodlands as public spaces has been positive for the region’s overall ecology as well as the people who enjoy the parks. Read more

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In the first episode of Radio Shepherd Express, we discussed the controversy over funding of the County Parks, the problem with invasive species, the philosophy of arts criticism and the proliferation of local, Made-in-Milwaukee culture. Read more

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