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In a unanimous vote on Thursday, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors moved forward with plans to study the feasibility of replacing the private security on Milwaukee County Transit System buses. Read more

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The problems at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office didn’t magically disappear when its vitriolic former Sheriff, David Clarke, resigned August 2017. Read more

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Former Sheriff David Clarke may be out of office, but the need for reform remains, argues candidate Earnell Lucas. Read more

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Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s career was based on stirring up outrageous ideas on right-wing talk radio. Here’s hoping this is the last column anyone ever writes about him inflicting damage on the lives of others. Read more

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With 50 days to go, WMSE\'s Kickstarter campaign to keep live music on the air is at nearly the $5,000 mark. The station is hoping to raise $30,000 to update its severely deteriorated in-house studio, where local and touring bands record live, on-.. Read more

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I’ll never forget the night inOctober 1998, when my wife Kit and other community or Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Jim Doyle has asked the feds todeclare "all of Wisconsin in compliance with national clean airstandards." OK, makes sense. Just tell the truth, I say. But there isan "oops" factor. Turns out Doyle's DNR has found "that the airin several counti.. Read more

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It’s hard to know which is worse—to be accused of total indifference What’s your take? Write: ,Taking Liberties Read more

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