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Sweet Water’s “Adopt a Storm Drain” program makes it easy for Milwaukee-area residents to help prevent flooding, as well as to help keep water clean for humans and wildlife in their neighborhoods. Read more

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When Milwaukee County officials tried to increase local sales taxes in 2008, they gave the final say on the proposal to state lawmakers. Many now think that was a mistake. Read more

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The forum’s “Municipal Datatool,” released in July, is an online database offering a trove of information on everything from municipal spending and debt to income, population and property taxes. Read more

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Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

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While he bulldozes his home, County Executive Chris Abele has gained full power over non-park land in the county thanks to a power grab in 2015. Read more

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The Shepherd Express speaks to Rep. Evan Goyke about the ongoing debate within state government concerning the Wisconsin budget. Read more

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The warm climate of Milwaukee’s troubled Mitchell Park Conservatory might be ideal for growing hemp. Read more

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Milwaukee needs to explore new ways to pay for the city’s continued growth. Read more

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People being poisoned by lead in their homes has recently gained widespread attention in Milwaukee. Lead toxicity is just one issue relating to what’s termed Environmental Justice. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele don’t agree on much, but they agree that the county needs financial help from the state. Read more

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Milwaukee County officials want to make sure they get a fair bargain from the state. That’s why they proposed a sweeping set of solutions Thursday in order to avert a funding crisis facing the county. Read more

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While most states, including our nearest neighbors, move quickly toward cannabis reform, Wisconsin is lagging far behind. Read more

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JobLines, bus routes set up to bring people to work, are struggling to find funding, despite their popularity among Downtown Milwaukee workers. Read more

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A barricaded historic pedestrian bridge in Milwaukee’s Lake Park can be restored, according to a new report by a structural engineering firm with expertise in repairing historic bridges. Read more

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Chris Abele wants control. When Abele-funded candidates win elections, who do you think they will be responsive to: their constituents or the guy that bought them their job? Read more

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As long as Wisconsin’s elected public officials aren’t greatly increasing their support of local road projects, it’s hard to believe they would have ever halted the ongoing general trend toward the adoption of county wheel taxes. Read more

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Milwaukee’s North Point Lighthouse is a model for how neighborhood organizing and environmental activism can result in an institution that draws people to a historic site. Read more

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This is our clearinghouse for all activities in the greater Milwaukee area that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary and authoritarian actions and policies fomented by the right wing. Read more

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"Being from Milwaukee has helped mold who I am today,” Brookshire said. “Seeing the shift of lack in safety concerns me." Read more

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“Can the county afford a park system as extensive as it is today?” asks Wisconsin Policy Forum’s president Rob Henken. “Can Milwaukee County government continue its current level of support for things like the zoo, museum and the Marcus Center?” Read more

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