Our Milwaukee For Haiti

Tyler Friedman: “TenPortraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century” by Andy Warhol is not the gatheringof assorted portraits; rather, it was conceived of as a sort of suite. It wascommissioned as a body of works. I thought we should begin with a.. more

Visual Arts

 Lots of horror movies have been made since Nosferatu (1922), many of them starringvampires, yet few (if any) have the uncanny power of director F.W. Murnau’sclassic. The new two-Blu-ray disc reissue restores missing shot.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Thirty-five years ago, John Sidoff and his wife, Cindy,became the third set of new owners of the iconic Hooligan’s Super Bar, converting the original“nickel beer and quarter shot” bar into a restaurant that now offers a popular food menu and .. more

Around MKE

Tragedy often brings out the best in this country, and that’s been especially true in the wake of the earthquake that ripped through Haiti earlier this month. America has led the world in providing aid to Haiti, and Milwaukee has done its p... more

Today in Milwaukee

Youthaiti( supports the work of Haitianyouth in repairing their countr Shepherd ,Expresso more