Milwaukee Multicultural Theatre

Milwaukee Multicultural Theatre brings two groups to the John C. Cudahy YMCA this Thursday as it presents Milwaukee Playback Theatre and The Living  Proof.Playback Theatre was founded over thirty years ago in New York by Jonathan Fox. The idea .. Read more


The Milwaukee Multicultural Theatre continues its mission to unite the various cultures that the city consists of through art this week as it presents M—A Collection of Mothers. The show, which debuted last year, makes it to the University of Wi.. Read more


The Boulevard Theatre in Bay View went the extra mile on their set for their premiere of Beth Monhollen’s Stations of the Cross, a comic series of monologues that makes thematic parallels between waiting tables and the Stations of the Cross... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

On his first solo offering, the erstwhile leader of Racine's Dammitheads stretches into a significantly different direction than his previous act's frazzled modern rock. This time around, David Tom,CD Reviews Read more

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