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The Green Bay Press Gazette says the Packers have been purchasing land surrounding the current stadium over the past five years and are looking to create an entertainment district surrounding the stadium. Doing so would create revenue for the team.. more

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Radio Milwaukee 88.9 announced this afternoon the winners of its annual Milwaukee Music Awards. Unlike last year, when the burgeoning soul revival band Kings Go Forth dominated the awards, winning five categories, this year's awards were much more.. more

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What's ingenious about RadioMilwaukee's Milwaukee Music Awards isthey don't purport to give a fully representative or even non-biased view of the city'smusic scene. They are essentially another form of advocacy forthe artists that the station s.. more

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World War II ushered in the Atomic Age and the Cold War, but it also had a profound impact on the arts and creative practice. With the advent of portable, 35-millimeter cameras, for the first time photojournalists on battlefields and more

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No stranger to Wisconsin's club scene, the veteran Minnesota trio Dazy Head Mazy continues Mercury Said 65 ,CD Reviews more

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RadioMilwaukee celebrated two years of making the city's airwaves better and the city's music scene more visible last night with its 2nd Annual Milwaukee Music Awards. The winners were: Winners of the 2nd Annual Milwaukee Music Awards: .. more

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Thursday, Feb. 26 The Milwaukee Music Awards @ Mad Planet, 8 p.m. Sincere-launching as RadioMilwaukee two ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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The Milwaukee Art Museum tapped its own collection for its latest exhibition, “Catesby, Audubon, and the Discovery of a New World,” culling 60 rare prints from naturalists like John James Audubo,Today in Milwaukee more

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