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It’s not often you can tell the story of a city through the history of its parks, but Milwaukee’s story is woven firmly into its communal green spaces, and though a so-called “green ring" of parkland was never fully realized, Milwaukee s... Read more

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Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-fifties thisweekend in and around Milwaukee. Because of this, the Milwaukee County ParksDepartment has decided give us a chance to break out the clubs a little earlythis year and open up two gol.. Read more

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A stunning 43 Milwaukee County parks—including county jewels such as Lake Park, Estabrook Park and Whitnall Park—could be sold off with just the signature of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and one other individual, thanks to a last-... Read more

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 Two Gentlemen of Verona is never given a whole lot of respect. It's generally considered to be one of Shakespeare's weakest plays. The ending n particular seems a bit at odds with itself and well . . . then there's the whole rape aspect of it .. Read more


 Not to be outdone by Optimist Theatre's upcoming free outdoor production of Macbeth this late June/early July . . . Mark Puchinsky and a number of others are staging a production of Two Gentleman of Verona for a few different Milwauke Parks. Th.. Read more


Researching Egyptian pharaohs is genuinely dangerous work that takes archaeologists to unforgiving desert climates and treacherous tombs, and pits them against thieves who want to get their own hands on historical treasures for Read more

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Best known as a painter of Campbell’s Soup cans and celebrity portraits almost 50 years ago, Andy Warhol and his work seem innocuous nowadays. His iconographic language has become so integrated into contemporary America’s visual landscape t... Read more

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Given that they’re getting older and that they’re soft-spoken alums of 1960s television, it’s easy to write off The Smothers Brothers as a nostalgia act without remembering how boat-rocking the duo once was. While their bickering brother Read more

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