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Mayor Barrett issued a stern warning about sidewalk use last week. Read more

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Local initiatives and municipal ordinances are key in the application of marijuana legislation, but it can also result in discrimination and abuse. Read more

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Just as funeral proceedings were ending for MPD officer Matthew Rittner, a group of citizens and police officers gathered in the Clarke Square neighborhood to discuss coming together during times of crisis. Read more

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It’s now over 400 days after the shooting, and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Read more

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The Public Safety and Health Committee accepted a $175,000 grant for the Milwaukee Police Department to expand the program Thursday morning. Read more

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The 2019 City of Milwaukee proposed budget includes a 23% increase for the Police Department compared to the 2014 budget. Read more

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The Madison Pride Parade takes place this weekend on Sunday, Aug. 19. As it happens, the date falls in the shadow of the one-year anniversary of the Neo-Nazi rally inCharlottesville, Va. Read more

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It’s now nearly one year to the day of Antwon Springer's shooting by a Milwaukee Police Department officer, and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Read more

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Former Sheriff David Clarke may be out of office, but the need for reform remains, argues candidate Earnell Lucas. Read more

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Paul Masterson reflects on the pervading sense of fear in our country in light of a recent traumatic encounter he and one of his friends had with Milwaukee police. Read more


In the wake of the Sterling Brown tasing incident, racial minorities are still waiting for enforcement of a simple rule: that police treat black and brown citizens with the same respect for their lives as they do citizens in white neighborhoods. Read more

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The ACLU of Wisconsin’s report that the Milwaukee Police Department made more than 350,000 unjustified pedestrian and traffic stops between 2010 and 2017, comes at a time when Milwaukee’s police-community relations are being heavily scrutinized ... Read more

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Now that we are at the end of Police Chief Ed Flynn’s tenure, we should ask our next chief to continue his data-driven deployment philosophy and to keep holding our police employees accountable when they violate the civil rights of our neighbors. Read more

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The end is nowhere in sight when all citizens in the community will be treated equally by their police, but it’s even more important the next Milwaukee police chief keep building on the progress under Flynn. Read more

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Pinball was once thought to be so threatening to young people that it was the focus of a two-decade battle by city authorities to minimize its wicked influence. Read more

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Off the Cuff with Benedict Center’s Jeanne Geraci Read more

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“Since I’ve been living in Wisconsin I’ve gotten to a point where I’m always looking over my shoulder. There’s an anxiety when I go out and take a ride down the street." Read more

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Well,this was a long time coming. This morning, the ACLU, ACLU of Wisconsin andCovington & Burling filed afederal class action suit alleging that the Milwaukee Police Department’sstop and frisk policy is unconstitutional. Sinceimplementing .. Read more

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Although video footage doesn’t always answer every question about officer-involved fatal shootings, we believe that it’s better to release the footage quickly and no withhold this information from the public. Read more

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