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David Overstreet is an archaeologist who has spent much of his life working in very old Wisconsin dirt excavating ancient skeletons and artifacts. more

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The future of the Mitchell Park Domes is at stake. The public has an opportunity to express its ideas and opinions about various county proposals on Tuesday, June 26 in the lobby of the Mitchell Park Domes. more

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“Can the county afford a park system as extensive as it is today?” asks Wisconsin Policy Forum’s president Rob Henken. “Can Milwaukee County government continue its current level of support for things like the zoo, museum and the Marcus Center?” more

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Milwaukee High School of the Arts has cultivated programs to educate “the whole child" by merging arts with academia. The Shepherd Express interviews MHSA principal Barry Applewhite. more

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On Saturday, May 20, the Milwaukee Public Library will host “When the Milwaukee Public Museum was at the Central Library," a presentation on the seven decades that the public museum and library were housed in the same building. more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum needs a new home. Museumofficials claim that their 52-year old building at the corner of Wells andSixth needs renovations that are likely to cost as much as the construction ofa new facility. In the chatter that.. more

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A collaboration between Present Music and the Milwaukee Public Museum headlines a week that features concerts by Early Music Now and Frank Pahl, dramatic and comedic plays and musicals produced by Outskirts Theatre, Luminous Theatre, Sunset... more

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Milwaukee has many great and well-known museums, but the city holds other venues dedicated to preserving aspects of our past, too. Here are a few of the lesser-known ones, including a pair of digital museums that dream of becoming brick and... more

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Chips (Rated R) Comedian Dax Shepard wrote and costars in this reboot of the 1970s TV series. He and Michael Peña portray John and Ponch, a pair of motorcycle-riding California Highway Patrol offi,Film Clips more

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In our age of modern conveniences, fresh, packaged and prepared food is available almost everywhere, making it all too easy to become disconnected from the journey food takes from field to fork. In an effort to celebrate and educate humans’... more


One of the most fascinating stops in the residential part of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s venerable “Streets of Old Milwaukee" exhibit is the little mid-19th century cottage home of Sully and Susanna Watson. The Watsons were free blacks who.. more

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Food & Froth, an annual fundraiser benefitting theMilwaukee Public Museum’s exhibits and educational programs, will be held atthe museum on Saturday, Feb. 18.The event will feature more than 200 beers, ciders and meadsfro.. more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum’s new exhibit, Hidden Wisconsin: Unseen. Unknown.Uncovered. , is made up of nearly50 objects and artifacts that are rarely on display to the public, and will be unveiled Thursday, Oct. 6. Visitors will step i.. more

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In Barbershop: The Next Cut, Calvin’s barbershop, now employing female beauticians as well as male barbers, is the setting for all kinds of fun and drama. A serious tone is taken when neighborhood crime threatens both the shop and local kid... more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum is offering free entry on Thursday, March 3. The promotion is a part of Kohl's "Thank You Thursday".As is the case with many promotions, not everything is fully free. There will be a charge to see the "Ultimate Dinosaur.. more

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February 29th, or Leap Day as it iscolloquially known, only comes around every four years, and because of that is anunfortunate birthday to have. Just ask Jerry Gergich. Since Leap Day is such arare occurrence, why not make the most of it? Here.. more

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Beer has a long, illustrious history as the centerpiece ofmany parties and events, especially here in Milwaukee. With this in mind, the Milwaukee Public Museum will open its doors afterhours and add another chapter to that s.. more

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Originally constructed in 1965, the Milwaukee Public Museum’s beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit reopens on Friday, Dec. 11. Many familiar sights are still in place and now visitors can download an app that allows them to choose from ... more

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Ruthie answers several letters from readers and plugs exciting events like “A Historical Perspective on LGBT Rights in Cuba” with Alberto Roque Guerra at Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Sept. 2; Free Day at the Museums, Sept. 3; and the... more

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