Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Matthew Prigge examines the historic comeback of Milwaukee’s Third Ward and describes some of the area’s major landmarks. Read more

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Inspired by the wonderful BMW Art Car project started in 1975 with legendary artist Alexander Calder, Daniel Fleming approached Parsifal Mercedes Boutique in Milwaukee's Third Ward about the possibility of an auto-inspired collaboration.One sh.. Read more

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Milwaukee’s Third Ward was a kind of land lost to the law for the first decades of the 1900s. Around the turn of the century, the neighborhood had become the primary residential area for Italian immigrants (who replaced the largely Irish-American .. Read more

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Grave-robbing murderer Ed Gein has been the inspiration for horror films from Psycho to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but until now he’d never been the subject of a musical. Filmed for just $9,000 and starring director Dan Davies Read more

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Present Music has explored more performing venues than any other classical group in town. Last Friday evening two performances took place at a nightclub, The Wherehouse, in the harbor area, at the end of National Avenue. Though unlikely, th... Read more

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