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Short subjects from around the world on tap at the long-running Milwaukee film event. Read more

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Milwaukee Short Film Festival returns to the historic neighborhood cinema and offers a chance to do what festivals do best—gather together people with common interests for thought-provoking experiences in a convivial setting. Read more


The Milwaukee Short Film Festival, located this year at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill, offers two days of films 15 minutes or less in length. The selections are from all over the world but include many minority and women directors from Milwaukee... Read more

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Photo Courtesy Livin' Spoonful, Flickr CCCrunches, sit ups, leg raises... Ugh, can I even get a six pack?!Technically,everyone has a six-pack: it’s the rectus abdominis muscle, which runs down thefront of your belly, but unless you're lean.. Read more

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This year’s Milwaukee Short Film Festival features many works by local filmmakers. Read more

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This year’s Milwaukee Short Film Festival features many works by local filmmakers. Read more

Film Reviews

The Identical imagines an alternate reality in which both Elvis and his twin brother (who in real life was stillborn), are separated at birth and are unaware of one another’s existence. One becomes pop star Drexel Hemsley, a 1950s sensation... Read more

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Following the arrest and conviction of 8-year-old Billy’s mom, 86-year-old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) intends to deliver his motherless grandson to the boy’s dad. The pair sets out on a cross-country road trip, but Read more

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Sexualidentity can be a serious question but Milwaukee filmmakers Dan Harmon andLucien Jung were in a light mood when they made Coffee or Tea . “So many filmmakersare so serious. We decided to counter that,” Harmon says. “So why not dosomet.. Read more

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Gastronomic Overload: Throughout the weekend, more than 7,000 people poured into the fourth Wine & Dine Wisconsin at the Delta Center. The well-orchestrated event, organized by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Read more

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When Ross Bigley is asked how many years the Milwaukee Short Film Festival has been running, he answers that 2012 is the 14th annual festival. “But actually it’s our 18th,” he adds Read more

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 Milwaukee’sMark G.E. has been a musician and a cable TV host, but with “Soul Chamber” heshines under his third hat, filmmaker. A short film in color-tinted black andwhite, “Soul Chamber” is an almost silent movie with intertitl.. Read more

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Confession: I've never seen the work of South Korean director Kim Ki-duk, which despite his acclaim on the international film festival circuit has seldom been screened in Milwaukee. I'm intrigued, however, after reading the critical analysis in Hy.. Read more

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Katori Hall’s Hoodoo Love sprung out of an assignment at Columbia University. The assignment was to write about a pair of people fighting over an object. She wrote about a couple of people fighting over a mojo bag in Memphis in the 1930s. The st.. Read more


Fifteen years ago, local indie filmmakers were hard-pressed to find venues to screen their works that were both large enough to seat their family and friends and priced to accommodate their shoestring budgets. Ross Bigley, who, at the time,... Read more

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Unlike with most compilations, which reflect the tastes of a producer,the songs were chosen by Montoya. The tunes showcase his skillful,attention-getting guitar playing and soulful vocals. Most discussend-of-relationship matters, and many, ... Read more

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More than 40 films will be screened at three different city venues over three days as part of the 11th annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival. The festival features films from all over the United States, including several from Milwaukee, as w... Read more

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How to NotKill Everyone ,Film Read more

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