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Milwaukee County plans to install parking meters in many of its landmark parks, raising questions about public access as well as the need to raise revenue to maintain the park system. Read more

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Individuals suchas Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields, Jimmy Van Heusen and Harold Arlen may soundfaintly familiar, but smart money says that ninety percent of people who don’tqualify for Medicare benefits would not be able to name their accomplishmen.. Read more

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Over the pastfew months news sources have reported a frightening recrudescence ofanti-Semitism across Europe. This disturbing state of affairs makes the work ofFather Patrick Desbois all the more timely. Inspired by the experiences of hisgrand.. Read more

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As an author,photographer and inspirational speaker, Elizabeth Murray wears many hats. Butgiven her passion for nature in general and gardening in particular, the hatshe most frequently dons is probably wide-brimmed and made of straw. Notablea.. Read more

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On Saturday, April 18, the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center is hosting a multicultural smorgasbord of dance and music. As the name suggests, the second annual “Students Supporting Students – A Multicultural Extravaganza” will showcase the.. Read more

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Burlesque: theword calls to mind a titillating abundance of skin coupled with the nominaldecency of pasties and stringy undergarments. But burlesque enthusiasts insistthat the genre should not be confused with pornography. To prevent suchconfu.. Read more

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In “Founders & Visionaries: Wisconsin Jewish Artists from the Milwaukee Art Museum,” (on display now through May 31) the Jewish Museum Milwaukee has raided MAM’s archives to highlight the work of four artists—Fred Berman, Joseph Friebert, Aaron.. Read more

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Two new exhibitions open in the Third Ward’s Portrait Society Gallery on Friday, March 20. In 12th WaveUtopia , Shane Walsh hasturned out a suite of works whose vocabulary is comprised of varying tones andtextures of black, white and gray. The .. Read more

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This land is your land. This land is my land. From California to the New York island From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and Me.Woody Guthrie was right that this land is your land and my land. However, b.. Read more

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Photo Credit: By Kim Bach (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia CommonsThe Milwaukee Art Museum's excellent new exhibition Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair is inspiring more than just beauty. It has also provided an impetus to.. Read more

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From the feminine curves of a Fender Stratocaster to the piercing tone of a Gibson LesPaul, guitars are aesthetic objects that delight both the eye and the ear. Still,their cultural significance extends beyond their beauty. Guitars are alsoinst.. Read more

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The diversity of Milwaukee is well reflected by the diversity of its cinematic events. Of coursethere is the Milwaukee Film Festival. There is also the Milwaukee Independent Film Society’s Annual Short Film Festival, now in its sixteenth year. Wh.. Read more

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Basketball is not the only cultural madness that afflicts March. On March 7, RedLine Milwaukee will be providing an outlet for those who have a bad case of "Art Madness". This showcase is an enhancement of RedLine’s current retrospective of works .. Read more

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[This piece is ideally read with this video playing in the background]Bix Beiderbecke was a hard-drinking, introspective boy from Davenport, Iowa and he blew his cornet with the sweetest tone this side of the heavenly choir. In return for drin.. Read more

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There issomething magic about photography’s ability to capture slices of time with unparalleledaccuracy. It stands to reason, then, that magic itself should be a theme ofmedium. Such is the case with the photographic oeuvre of Carol Golemboski,.. Read more

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Jazz is capableof conjuring a truly remarkable variety of atmospheres and instilling a widearray of moods in its listeners. With Valentines Day quickly approaching, itis an opportune time to recall jazz’s aphrodisiac quality. Here are a few.. Read more

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There is an inherent tension in the life of the artist.Called on the one hand to serve her Muse, the artist is inclined to throwcaution to the winds of public opinion. But there is risk in this indifference,since, in a capitalistic society, the.. Read more

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