At this point, the Brewers’ offseason news could be covered in depth on one side of an index card. more

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There’s an old adage saying you can never have too many catchers, but the Brewers appear poised to test that notion. more

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Scott Boras has become an infamous MLB agent at least in part because he’s very good at finding a team willing to pay or exceed top dollar for his clients. In recent years, that process has included making a lot of calls to Mark Attanasio’s office. more

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It's going to be a busy winter for the Brewers. more

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It’s likely that managers have always received too much of the credit or blame for the result of MLB seasons. more

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The infield corners are largely “set” for the Milwaukee Brewers for next year, but Travis Shaw and Eric Thames’ ability to repeat or build upon their 2017 success might be one of 2018’s most interesting storylines. more

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Manny Pina is almost certainly the Brewers’ catcher of the present. The future, however, remains cloudier than one might expect. more

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While the Milwaukee Brewers have been eliminated from postseason contention for a couple of weeks, there are a number players with history in Milwaukee still competing. more

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Stearns made some solid moves in his first year as GM, but it is his second year where he has really made his name as one of the best GMs in the game. more

Oct 3, 2017 10:12 AM Milwaukee Brewers

The fact that the Brewers were even in position to make a late-season push marks a significant change from where this team and organization were six months ago. more

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Just nine of the 44 players that appeared in a game for the 2008 Brewers are still playing. By this time a year from now this list could be much shorter. more

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How the Milwaukee Brewers rebuild came quicker than we ever could have thought. more

Sep 18, 2017 10:04 AM Milwaukee Brewers

We talk to Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Eric Sogard about the team's pennant race and his future with the organization. more

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It’s true that if pitchers didn’t hit, they wouldn’t face this risk of injury. If baseball eliminated the DH and taught young pitchers to hit and run the bases, however, perhaps sending them to the plate wouldn’t be so risky. more

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After the 1983 season proved to be a huge letdown for theBrewers, 1984 was seen as a year of possibility. For the first time in ahalf-decade, an influx of young talent mixed the club’s established veterans. Teamofficials saw the season as a .. more

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While the Brewers have been pretty good against bad teams over the years, they’ve largely gotten their lunch money stolen from them by dominant ones. more

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The future looks bright for the Brewers right now, thanks inlarge part to a number of breakout seasons from players who were not exactlyexpected to break out. For players like Jimmy Nelson, Chase Anderson and TravisShaw, the expectations wil.. more

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The suddenly streaky Milwaukee Brewers went 4-1 over the last week and, in so doing, passed a minor milestone on the path to contention. more

Aug 21, 2017 11:47 AM Brewers On Deck Circle

Despite the low expectations of a rebuild, a brutal post-All Star Break slump, a shrugged-off trade deadline and what felt like 300 utterly excruciating Nick Franklin plate appearances, fan excitement for the Milwaukee Brewers has been high this y.. more

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August 25, 26 and 27, is “Player’s Weekend" across Major League Baseball. The main attraction of Player’s Weekend will be the special uniforms worn by players, each of which will feature a nickname or other “statement" on the back ... more

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