Mogwai is post-rock. Mogwai is drone-rock. Mogwai is space-rock. Mogwai is quiet, melodic and beautiful. Mogwai is the loudest thing known to man.On the opening track, "White Noise," Mogwai is reminiscent of King Crimson's more

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Moses Stanton is a black grocer sitting in his banker’s office applying for a second mortgage. Yes, he always paid his mortgage on time, but he’s considered too generous for giving groceries to the poor. The banker is a friendly white man proff.. more

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“The Fugitive” was reaching the end of the line by 1967 as Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) hopped one Greyhound after another, more to slip the tightening dragnet around him than to find the one-armed man who murdered his wife. Volume 2 of .. more

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Mogwai has been polishing their rock instrumentals since 1995, but the Glaswegians seem to Mr. Beast ,Concert Reviews more

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Scottish post-rock pioneers Mogwai, whose crashing, crescendoing guitar-based instrumentals have inspired modern groups like Explosions in the Sky, have included a May 9 stop at the Turner Hall Ballroom on their latest tour behind their sixth albu.. more

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The guys did their observing indifferent cities last week before getting together Sunday in Cathedral Square to compare notes. Frank: I’m just back from our nation’s capital, my friend, and the Bucks’ drafting of Joe Alexander was pop... more

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