Photo Credit: Craig Lovell

As an author,photographer and inspirational speaker, Elizabeth Murray wears many hats. Butgiven her passion for nature in general and gardening in particular, the hatshe most frequently dons is probably wide-brimmed and made of straw. Notablea.. more

Visual Arts

At the Milwaukee Art Museum\'s (MAM) recently opened exhibition “Impressionism: Masterworks on Paper,” the museum transports the city to the Paris art world at the turn of the 20th century. Monet produced works in the last half of th.. more

Visual Arts

There may be an addition to Milwaukee’s summer festival lineup in 2011. Peng Gao, president of the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC), says that the organization is “actively planning” Chinese Culture Fest, a weekend celebration o more

Off the Cuff

Four Milwaukee live electronic acts are challenging themselves to break away from the wallflowery, experimental sounds they gravitate toward in favor of more dance-floor-friendly grooves for a night they’re billing, with more than a little ... more

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