Each year, millions of individuals, families and businesses file their income taxes for the previous year. Often, a significant life event willtake place like a change in income, marriage, or birth of a child which can causemistakes, cost.. Read more

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Just two out of every five U.S. households report good or excellent progress in meeting their savings needs. So America Saves Week is an annual opportunity since 2007 for financial institutions, government agencies,employers, bloggers and or.. Read more


On Mid-Century Modern, Rhode Island-based vocalist and cornet player Al Basile merges bouncy old-school, horn-fueled soul music with contemporary arrangements and flawless production. The arrangements also are stacked with mighty blues guit... Read more

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\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nOn Jul. 2, 1881, President James Garfield was shot twice. One bullet glanced of his arm. The other shattered a rib and embedded itself into his abdomen. An old friend of his, Doctor Willard Bliss treated him, laying odds on his s.. Read more


Following last month's announcement that Selena Gomez would open Summerfest as the festival's first Marcus Amphitheater headliner of 2016, today the festival announced its second main-stage headliner: Blake Shelton. Once of country's most personab.. Read more

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As stock markets rocket and tumble, entire nations (plus Puerto Rico) threaten tongo bust, that compendium of common sense, the Readers Digest, steps forward with a pair of handbooks designed to he,Books Read more


Financial security is a difficult thing to achieve on your own, but there are a surprising amount of people who don't use the services of a financial adviser. If you're looking to improve the organization of your finances, save for the future, and.. Read more

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1. Selecting the Correct Filing StatusShould you file Single or Head of Household? Are you Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Separate? The filing status to use is based on your status at the end of the preceding year.Did you get divorced.. Read more

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Well before it became a political football, China made headlines with tales of economic growth in the face of a global downturn and reports of poor conditions in its factories. Eric Jay Dolin’s well-crafted account of chapter one in Read more


With the 2010 Citizens United decision, the U.S. Supreme Court made one of the most damaging rulings in its history. The ruling essentially said that corporations can spend unlimited money from corporate treasuries on election campaigns... Read more

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One unkind but perfectly understandable human reaction to the state's voters supporting a dishonest... Read more

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The Brewers decided to shake things up on their off day by announcing a complete restructuring of their minor league coaching situation.A lot of changes were made, but none are so glaring as the removal of Don Money as AAA manager. Money spent t.. Read more

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The global impact of the American debt crisis—and the likelihood of permanent damage to American interests—are already visible to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) from his perch as chairman... Read more

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For Claude Lévi-Strauss, anthropology was not merely the study of marginal, “primitive” societies, but also the road to discovering the deep laws of human life and nature itself. Patrick Wilcken’s biography is a fascinating and cr Read more


Sick of campaign ads yet?Well, watch out—it’s going to get worse in the seven weeks leading up to the Nov. 2 general election.And the worst part is that Wisconsin voters won’t know precisely who is paying for ads promoting or slammin Read more

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has a scorcher on Rep. Paul Ryan, the alleged “intellectual” of the conservative movement. Krugman’s not the first one to notice that the GOP’s Young Gun is shooting blanks. But his.. Read more

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Alan Palomo’s cell phone doesn’t seem to work. His voice fades in and out and disappears in cell phone static and T-Mobile reverb. There are beeps and clicks and oddly digitized sounds.Based on sheer technological prowess, this shouldn&rsqu... Read more

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Though sometimes dismissed outside of their tape-trading fan base, between all their tour dates college staples O.A.R. have learned how write some pretty catchy pop songs. “Shattered (Turn the Car Around),” the biggest Read more

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This is a super-interesting article about how teams are finding new and different ways to bring in money - though at least half of the ideas featured had their proceeds going to charity, so I'm not certain the writer got enough focus going.Being a.. Read more

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